Comodo Disk Encryption of Networked Harddrives???

Is it possible to encrypt a Networked external hard drive? I’m planning on adding a network external drive on my home wireless network. Is it possible to use comodo disk encryption to encrypt that drive and then use my home laptops as a key when connected to that network? Just curious.




I think it is possible if your external hard drive uses AoE protocol.
AoE (ATA over Ethernet) is a network protocol designed for simple access of SATA (or PATA) storage devices over Ethernet networks.

“SATA (and older PATA) hard drives use the Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) protocol to issue commands, such as read, write, and status. AoE encapsulates those commands inside Ethernet frames and lets them travel over an Ethernet network instead of a SATA or 40-pin ribbon cable. By using an AoE driver, the host operating system is able to access a remote disk as if it were directly attached.” -

I think CDE is working with such devices with no problem. User data is encrypted by CDE before transmission over Ethernet.
I hope AoE is a clue for your question.