Comodo Disk Encryption - Not Start System

I downloaded Comodo Disk Encryption and installed it on my computer, I set up a first virtual partition put an encrypted password used SHA256/AES perfect for a couple of days, then decided to encrypt the hard drive (hd) Uncheck the option to ignore empty space, and set a another password and selected SHA256/AES. The process would take 7 hours, so I left the laptop on and went to sleep in the morning I found my notebook off, so I called a message appeared with the name Enter the password: I thought it was the password that asked me to encrypt the C: partition I typed the password and the message Missing operating system_ as if I had the wrong password, I tried in every way and appears only the same message. Anybody know what I could do to solve this problem? It’s extremely important because I have files that already have years in the computer.

Hi Oppital,

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I’m afraid that i can’t exactly support this issue, can you please open a support ticket here:

Was your notebook connected to the power during install ?
Do you have it set to hibernate and/or stand-by after so many hours of “idle” time while on power?

I hardly dare to ask this, but you don’t have a backup of your important files ?

I researched and found that turned off my notebook when I was sleeping

This happened, already formatted my laptop, thanks

What did turn off the notebook then ? I don’t think it was CDE that turned off your system…
Did you reinstall CDE also then ?

Was a person of my residence, was not caused by the CDE, and I am already using the CDE again:)

Okay good to hear it could all be traced back to user behavior :wink: :-TU