COMODO Disk Encryption 1.2.57944.110 Release Candidate [locked]2 BUG Reports

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Hi Guys

I have a conflict problem with CDE 1.2.57944.110 RC2 and Acronis True Image 10 (lbuild 4871).

My set-up is as follows:-
Windows Vista SP1 and all vulnerability patches installed.
No security software installed and Vista firewall OFF.
One SATA harddrive (single boot mode) partioned into C:\ (Primary and active) and a D:\ (where all my data is stored)

The program installed and I encrypted my C: drive using SHA246 and AES. Everything went well.

I then installed Comodo Disk shield and could not get the disk shield to connect to the CDS service and ended up with a BSOD. I went to re-install my partition twice using Acronis True Image (which appeared to go effectively) using the Acronis bootable media disk from start-up and when the computer was re-booted, it would come up with an error message ‘missing operating system’. The only solution was to totally format my C:\ and re-install the software from scratch.

When CDE 1.2.57944.110 RC2 was re-installed and the drive not encrypted, then was no compatability issue with Acronis.

Is there any reason why it will not allow a re-build after the C:\ had been encyrpted?

Kind regards

Ben Hill ???

Topic locked,

the new version is out. You can see the message over here :

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