Comodo didnt ask by outgoing connections


im use since a long time Comodo Firewall and it works great. Now i have updated to the new 3.8 Version of Comodo and the problem is beginning… Comodo didnt ask, when a programm is connecting to the internet…

I have Vista Ulitimate 64 bit and Comodo firewall is installed without Comodo antivirus.

Comodo runs on my pc in “custom policy level”. The Firewall Configuration Status is predefined FIREWALL SECURITY. The “Network Security Policy” area in Comodo Firewall is empty. The Alert Frequency Level is set to VERY HIGH MODUS. Comodo didnt ask, when a programm will connect to the internet, it allows the connection automatically (:SAD) by all programs…

In version 3.5 it works great, Comodo asks,when a program will connects to the internet, in 3.8 not :ilovecomodo:

Can somebody tells me, wheres the problem? (:CLP)[color=navy][/color]

Was this a program that you had already allowed to connect to the internet with the older version? What program was it?

First i will say, befor i have installed 3.8 i have completly uninstalled the old 3.5 version and delete all Comodo Folders on my pc. (:HUG)

These programs was for exemple TuneUP Utilities Update wizard, Internet Explorer, Opera Browser, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Norton Antivirus…

Comodo 3.8 ask never, if i will allow these outgoing connection (:SAD) and the Network Security Policy is empty…

Look in the main screen under Summary and see what the system status is. If it is not ok let the Diagnostics wizard run; it is under Miscellaneous.

You should just take a look to firewall bug section
I think this is it. Problem is fixed, soon maybe tomorrow will be an update of CIS.

Yes this sounds like a PPP or PPPoE issue… do you happen to know what connection type you use ?

Hello :BNC

thanks for your answer. i think, these problem with the PPPOE Connection could be the problem. I use an internet connection: WAN Miniport(PP?OE) .

Now we will wait for the update of CIS (V)