Comodo Device Management 4.5 Released!

Hi all,

We would like to announce new version of Comodo Device Management (CDM) 4.5.

With 4.5 release, you can manage and secure Windows laptops, desktops, workstations and servers. Also, IOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Comodo Device Management (CDM) enable you to control all of your devices from one console.

We already provided 7 layered security (Anti-virus, Firewall, Cloud File intelligence, HIPS, Containment, behavior analysis and Web URL filtering) for your endpoints. With this version remote control and visibility is improved over anti-virus. You can configure granular AV policies with profiles and trigger scans on real time as addition. You would be able to see immediately if any malware found on the system. You will have full info about security status of your inventory.

One important reminder, Comodo Device Management (CDM) has basic version which has full Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, Mobile Security Management and limited time Windows Endpoint Security Management FOR FREE!!!

You can get your free license from below link right away and start using it… If you already have Comodo ONE account, please check your Appstore to enable CDM inside your portal.

And please don’t forget, You can use Comodo Cloud Servers start using it in a few minutes or you can deploy it to your internal servers and host on your company. Both options are available.

Release notes:

What is new?

  1. New interface for easy and intuitive navigation.
  2. Anti-virus management over CDM portal: Admin would be able to configure scheduled scans and trigger on demand scans over CDM.
  3. Sandbox history: Admin would be able to see the history of executables which ran inside sandbox.
  4. Quarantine List: Admin would be able to see the full list of files that are quarantined with options of permanently removing it or restoring them to original location.
  5. Computer infection report: Admin would be able to get reports about current and past infections over endpoints.
  6. Anti-virus scan report: Admin would be able to get reports about scheduled and on demand AV scan history over endpoints.
  7. Server Support: Windows Server OS support added.
  8. Site Deployment: Admin would be able to generate Windows MSI package for bulk enrollment over Active Directory / domain controller.

What is improved?

  1. Infection dashboard: Admin would be able to see Windows infections on dashboard in addition to Android infections.
  2. Easy Enrollment: Windows endpoints will be enrolled to CES with one click. CES components will be dynamically managed through profile.
  3. Seamless upgrade of Comodo Endpoint Security: Admin would be able to update old versions of CES on endpoints without losing protection.

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Hi Ilkers

Is this yet at a point where you would advise people using ESM to transfer to CDM, even if they currently have no non-PC devices to manage?

I ask because ESM updates appear to have slowed, which is understandable if CDM is taking over.

(Don’t get me wrong ESM is working well, but I’m still using workarounds to control firewalls etc, and ESM is still in Silverlight)

Kind regards


Hi Mike,

Thanks for pointing this question. We had new features of IT and Security Manager (former Comodo Device Manager) and we were announcing it on our Enterprise and MSP forum. Please visit those forms if you are an MSP or Enterprise.

Here are the topics related with this announcement:

MSP Forum:

Enterprise Forum:

We already have detailed HIPS and FW management on ITSM 5.1 as well as below new features:

  • BRANDING: Product name changed to better representation of product and solution suite: Introduction of Advanced Endpoint Protection with below components
    – Management Portal: It and Security Manager (ITSM)
    – Endpoint Clients: Comodo ONE Client
    – Cloud File Intelligence: Valkyrie

  • REPORTING: New security and inventory reports to improve visibility
    – Mobile and Windows Malware Reports
    – Quarantine Report
    – Antivirus Reports
    – Mobile applications inventory report
    – Patch Inventory report

  • SCANNING: Ability to run quick and full rating scan over endpoints for finding and eliminating all unknowns

  • BASE-LINING: Post-deployment base-lining over network to ensure comfortable on-boarding of devices and users

  • DASHBOARD: Customizable and improved dashboards for tailored visibility
    – New dashboard items like Valkyrie - Unparalleled protection which shows how many infections Comodo prevented that any (and all) other security provider would have missed for the customer
    – Infection status to see the infected device info immediately -if any…

  • VALKYRIE: Improved integration with Valkyrie to assess and show more information about unknown files / zero-day threats
    – New action items and interfaces to manually upload files to Valkyrie and check their status from client as well
    – Better visibility of file assessment and status on clients

  • ANTI-THEFT: Ability to locate IOS devices and send message to those devices turned back to the portal

  • PROFILES: Improvements on default profile settings for better usability and protection

  • HELP: Integrated help menu on portal

  • MAC: MAC inventory management

  • USABILITY: Usability improvements over portal

  • ENROLLMENT: Improved bulk enrollment functionality together with the option of assigning / changing owner of the devices after deployment


Thanks Ilkers for the quick response. I have signed up to the forum.

The spec looks really good, and I can see why you have combined with the One client.

(I’m a mod not an MSP, but have used ESM now for several years)

Will current users of ESM and CDM be offered an in-place upgrade at some point?

There’s a lot of work in the network and policy setups in ESM that people won’t want to lose.

Is it in Beta or final? The domestic One client is at an early stage of development, so I am just wondering how mature this is

I cannot see a download link by the way… How does one gain access to a trial version?

… I assume its HTML… Silverlight seriously limited ESM, plaform-wise…

Sorry, so many Q’s

Kind regards


Dear Ilkers

May I suggest a similar post in the ESM Board, if you have time, maybe with the above Qs answered as this would help users of ESM.

Kind regards


Hi Mike,

Let me answer one by one.

“Will current users of ESM and CDM be offered an in-place upgrade at some point?”
Yes, we plan to provide migration to all willing customers to Advanced Endpoint Protection Solution together with ITSM in second half of the year. However, we can help with profile migration even now if anyone requests to be migrated.

“Is it in Beta or final?”
It is not a BETA product. We are investing on this platform for years and we keep investing more.

How does one gain access to a trial version?
You can register for MSP version from this link: Sign Up Now - It's Free!
Enterprise version from this link:

Best regards,

Thanks very much Ilkers, could I also ask whether the new manager software requires silverlight?

Kind regards


Hi Mike,

IT and Security Manager doesn’t require Silverlight. Endpoint Security Manager update would still need the Silverlight.

Best regards,

I have a ONE account and Portal set-up that I no longer use.

Is it possible to delete the account and Portal as I no longer use it ?