Comodo Device Management 4.0 Release Candidate

Hi all,

Now we have Comodo Device Management 4.0 RC (release candidate) available with Cloud server option for you to try and see before it goes public. We are going to release the public version on 1st of May.

What is New?

We added world’s best protection and containment technology (CES Suite) to Device Management and now it can manages Windows endpoints in addition to IOS and Android. So, now you would have protection of both for your mobile and Windows endpoints with patent pending protection technologies.

Another good news is, we are providing MDM for free! You can get one year free license from your Comodo Accounts page right away and start using it. You use the same license on BETA server and also you can create your permanent account on production servers after May 1st. With the free license you can also try Windows protection (CES Suite) for up to a month.

To try it, you need to get a license on your account and then go to demo portal and join the club.

[ol]- Go to COMODO Account Management and choose the last option and add it to your account (Image 1)

Please let us know what you think,

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excellent product!

Manage all your devices, Windows, IOS, Android all under one cloud umbrella!

and its free…

This is an enterprise product but also usable by sophisticated end users to manage their home or home office.


This is a very good idea for more complex home setups, Melih, and generous of you to provide it for free.

Sorry but currently I’m a bit busy to review it in addition to ESM, which, though a corporate product, is a very helpful for complex Windows/linux home offices like mine which have no smartphones or android tablets (yet).

Kind regards


  1. What is the difference between a Regular, Basic, Premium?

  2. Please make a video manual. (in 3-5 minutes, easy) :wink:

Hi Savit,

with the new release, there will be basic and premium versions only.

The differences between basic and premium versions are:

Basic version

  • has free for MDM usage
  • has community support on Forum.
  • offers limited time (1 month) containerization

Premium version

  • has support for 7 days 24 hours over email and phone.
  • offers license time containerization