Comodo detects wordpress blogs as virus - Please check urgently

Hi support,

I have seen that after today’s virus database update, Comodo is falsely showing various wordpress admin files as virus. I have checked the files and all of those are detected as virus. (:AGY)

Some of the files detected as malware by comodo include




and many such files. This has become very irritating as I am a webmaster and blogger and almost all my wordpress blogs are showing falsely as malware. (:SAD)

Moreover, there is another file type which is showing as malware

It is usually inside the profile folder of the browser in the cache folder

It has shown Unclassified malware in both Firefox and Opera

But I am quite suspicious of these threats too because these have all started appearing today only after the comodo virus database update. I deleted two of my blogs completely thinking that it might have been problem with the server but it seems that there is false positive in comodo now. The worst part is that this file is a random one always shown at the same location.

For Firefox the Unclassified malware appers like

C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla Firefox\Profiles\kufarqw3.default\Cache\EA36A345d01

And for Opera the error appears like

C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Local Settings\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\cache4\opr02YOE

This above mentioned Unclassified Malware is the most annoying because the virus alert keeps popping up again and again and only the last numbers and letters after cache or cache4 changes. I am quite worried and highly annoyed by these false positives. Please correct it and check whether these are actual errors or not.

I am also suffering from this problem. All Wordpress administration pages are triggering malware alerts. There is nothing malicious about these pages. This started to happen immediately after the last signature database update (version 1005). It is seriously hampering me. How long before this is corrected?

I think you posted this in the wrong place…

Either post it again in this board (where I think it should go), or request a mod to move.

Thanks for informing Jeremy. I have posted the thread again at the False Positive reporting forum.

Thanks once again.