Comodo detects AvastUI is trying to install global hook dwmapi.dll


I got this alarm and of course I asked in Avast Forum but the aswer is to ask in the Comodo forum (not logic for me) ?!? But I try…

Any expaination/idea?

This alert should not appear with HIPS on Safe Mode, have you enabled Paranoid Mode for HIPS?

If not, maybe your HIPS rules got auto-deleted due to a known Bug in the ‘Create rules for safe applications’ setting.

Otherwise perform a clean re-install of CIS using the Uninstaller Tool and make sure to not check ‘Create rules for safe applications’.

Although I don’t recommend Avast (there are better Free AV options), to avoid conflicts between Comodo Firewall and Third-Party AVs, it is recommended to do the following:

in the last day I got Firewall alerts saying Avast is trying to receive TCP connection from xxxx IP , I dont remember it, but I googled and there where many abuse reports in reletion to this IP, so i blocked it.
If i add Avast to the exceptions to not detect shesllcode injections, will that exclusion mean that such kind of IP attacs on Avast will be ignored/allowed?

No the hook allows access to the processes memory. The Network connections are handled by the firewall. You’d have to make an allow rule for the application and a global rule to allow an inbound unsolicited traffic i.e port opening.