comodo detects a trojan, false positive or else????

i just downloaded comodo antivirus and firewall… but before that i removed norton antivirus…

but everytime i turn my laptop on, comod detects a trojan namely:


it usually detects 2 of these… but i don’t know if these are false positives, or my laptop is REALLY infected with a trojan.

Also, my laptop had been updating spyware doctor, spyware blaster and rogue remover until about 7-8 days ago when i was at home. but just a day or 2 before leaving home for university,my laptop’s stopped udating them and i’m not really sure why.
I can update Malware Bytes’ Anti-Malware and SuperAntiSpyware though…

So not sure if I have one of those Worms called Win32/Conficker.B

Also, the settings for my internet explorer seemed to have changed to basic … because yesterday… I had clear edges for internet explorer [vista] but now the colour seems to have changed… it wasn’t clear anymore and the edges had changed colour to light blue. But I did a system restore and that worked for the internet explorer. But now I can’t connect to the university internet.

I have never really been bugged down like this before… so I’m really scared! Could anyone help please?


Ok, Can you get to the internet? If you can try and get Avira personal free antivirus and scan using HIGH heruistics. Please tell me if anything is found, Hope this helps!

Using two or more antiviruses may harm your system. try online scanning tools / submit your files to analyse.

I suggest not to use norton, it uses much and much resources - resource hog.

You can even try Submit suspicious file to comodo by selecting miscellaneous tab and submit suspicious files but the thing is you cannot get the replyback :(.

MuthusrinivasaN :slight_smile: