Comodo detected 3 threats yet ignoring them

Hello, recently completed a quick scan with Comodo and it detected 3 threats, unrecognised autorun entries to be specific yet Comodo has them set to ignored even though it identifies them as threats.

I re-ran the scan a couple times and it comes up with the same results. Not sure why Comodo would ignore them. I’m not well versed in this so I’m not sure if they are threats or Comodo is being overly sensitive, could use some help. Please see a screenshot below of what Quick Scan found.

These files are perfectly valid. But that the function worked here:

So, this is the result.

Thank you for confirming they are valid. Surprised Comodo would flag them.

Hi Vultrio,

Thank you for reporting.
Those files are valid and could you please share us the screenshot of autoruns events ? (Refer the attached pic for reference).

For better understanding refer the below help page.