Comodo desktop gadget

i just made desktop gadget for comodo internet security 5.5 and tested in win7 pro 32bit…dunno if it works in others…using it in my desktop and laptop…
below u can download file…
its not so great and but somehow it can be useful… i know there are lot of people who can make better gadgets than me…but just trying to share my work and my love for CIS …

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It is not working properly with me.I have CIS installed in a non standard path.

sorry i make it thinking that it will be in standard path…

Hmmm, three hard disks here on triple boot with XP,Vista and Win 7… ;D

I made my first Windows desktop gadget.This Forum gadget shows you who is online.
To see the whole list, use your mouse wheel.
You can click the names on the list,
or the Comodo logo to open the Forum page.

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Thank you. But I can’t install it on Win XP. It works only on Vista/7?

You need Vista or 7 ,
but you can open it and click Forum.html file to see how it works.

Gadgets: Build Your Own Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget | Microsoft Learn

All of the content is stored in a ZIP file that is renamed with a .gadget extension. If you want, you can grab a gadget online, rename it with a .zip extension, and easily explore its contents.

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Ok, it works now.

wish comodo had its own default gadget

It has a memory leak. It was eating up > 800 MB of RAM after running for several hours…:smiley:


If you have an old PC with little memory, you can close the gadget and restart it :smiley:

This post made me curious to find out if I could make a gadget too ;D