Comodo Defense+ Driving Me Crazy

Why is it necessary for Defense+ to notify me of absolutely everything that the software is trying to do? A 5 second application startup is turning into 10 minutes of clicking through Defense+'s prompts - and even though I set it as a “Trusted Appliation” the damn Defense+ seems to suffer from Alzheimer because it keeps prompting over and over and over and over…

Well done for outdoing Vista’s UAC annoyance factor (:CLP)

Time to uninstall this POS before it starts prompted me for every processor cycle on a clean Vista install

3xist- Edited title for a more reasonable approach.

Please take time to read all the sticky’s under important topics and read the help file system. Comodo is doing its job. If you read the alerts the may be for the same program but different alert. Such as an alert about a certain exe running then another alert about that exe trying to access the monitor or keyboard which is completely normal. Calling a program a POS is not necessary when you haven’t asked for help. Put the firewall and D+ in training mode for a week or so. Read here.

Thanks Vettetech.

dogen, Please take Vettetech’s advice. the Help File in CFP helps alot too. If you have further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask us.


that’s why defense+ is the best way to prevent you from unknown malwares, cause it alerts u about absolutlly all activities of a file before it can be loaded in memory. there’s no better protection for new malwares not detected by your AV.
but if u set some app to trusted or windows app, this app will never popup again, in your case, there’s a problem somewhere, i never had this kind of prob with defense+. maybe u missed something or comodo and your system work bad. maybe u can try to reinstall it if u still have this prob.
comodo never asked me again about some app that was set as trusted or windows system app.
if “remember my answer” is not checked in the alert popup, u’re always get a new alert about the app,
but i think u allready know about this point.