comodo Web Filter bug?

I can not speak English because I am a foreigner. I will show you in video. It is not the purpose of PR.
Eagle is Google Translate
My web page( Korea representative company)
Fix connection errors - Google Chrome Help
Fix connection errors

This symptom occurs in IE as well.
I registered on the filter.
I can not solve it.

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17046.1000]


In my case …
Even if you turn off the filter …
Abnormal symptoms …
Unable to connect …
I contacted the website company …
My computer … connection temporarily disconnected … Diagnosis … (Web site manager opinion)

Not a virus …
If you remove the comodo program … it is normal.
It seems to be compatible with the website.

I made a request to the website. I was rejected. T ^ T

Check website filtering logs to see what is being blocked, also enable logging for the block rule.

I did everything but did not show up.

The basic method is …
I’m trying.
:slight_smile: Thank you for your kind explanation.

This error message from Google Chrome Browser is one of the most common problems that everyone faces in our day to day life. Google Chrome warns you whenever it finds out any abnormal tracks taken while you browse things on the web. If you are getting the SSL error Net::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID in chrome, it means your Internet connection or your computer is preventing Chrome from loading the page securely and privately.


Check System Date and Time
Disable Antivirus [url=]SSL[/url] Connection
Clear Cookies and Cached Files
Reset Chrome Browser
Open Chrome in Incognito Mode
Expired SSL Certificates
Update Chrome Browser

Thank you.
My corresponding error is …
Users have any other web browsers …
Everyone … IE, Firefox, Chrome (etc …)
The same symptoms.
In the security community where I work …
And in the opinion of experts.
comodo filter … Korea … site daum (forum) portal site. (all)
I am from Korea. I also checked with the server administrator.

2019/6/19 New news I use it … normal use.
What we learned new

It looks like this.

I see the comodo firewall program as an error … blocking my forum. (reappearance)

I cannot reproduce CIS blocking Daum 카페 . I have the following categories blocked:
Malware Sites
Phishing Sites
Suspicous Sites
Malicious Sites
Potentially Unwanted Application