COMODO Dashboard??

I hope this post is in the appropriate place. ???
A thought… 88)
Is there a ‘Comodo Dashboard’ (available for download) that lists all the GREAT programs Comodo offers that people might be running on their systems.
I noticed Aowl displaying “Scomodo Pad” and I’m not sure if that is personal or if something similar is available. I would love a dashboard type window that would link all the stand alone products I am running on my system from one main display (seperate from the Comodo Suite discussion)
For example: Out of the six or seven individual programs available, lets say I might be running CPF,VE,BoClean, and through the Main Frame Window (dashboard) I could access which ever program I wanted; that would be just cool… Im sure someone has come up with this long time ago and I simply havn’t come across the discuusion yet??
Anyway, just a thought.
Thanks in advance (:KWL)

thanks for this Wilpower… its a good idea… :wink:


De ja vu.


You may not be aware, but there is/was such an item, called LaunchPad. Comodo discontinued it do to user complaints, LOL. The FW and AV are no longer connected to it, but applications like Backup, VE, i-Vault are.


PS: There are still a lot of users of these other Comodo products that ask questions about getting rid of LP.

Hey thanks for the input!
I guess as always, one persons annoyance is another persons desire. (:KWL)

The problem is forcing users to have extra software running on their computer and to even force them to download extra software that they will not be using. It wouldn’t hurt for LaunchPad to be a standalone program.

Quote from: Blas on Yesterday at 11:06:03 AM
I heard about this too…
And also about the ad-ware nonsense stuff.
And I agree that if someone uses only one comodo app., than they dont need clp. But it could be a separate/standalone/optional program, that only those will install who need it. I mean it shouldn’t be bundled with any of the comodo apps. or at least should be optional to install. This way both with it and against it would be satisfied.

I could not agree more.
I use a minimum of 3 COMODO programs and want a “central” program to monitor ALL the COMODO programs I am running …NOT seperate icons in the system tray!
Personally, I hope kail is right …and IMHO…the sooner the better!

Check it out. (:KWL)