Comodo Cybersecurity (CMS v4.1) Reports Samsung Galaxy S4 'Settings' as Risky

Has any forum member experienced this problem?
Of 140 android phone apps scanned only ‘Settings’ is flagged telling user ‘You Are at Risk’.
If user taps ‘FIX ALL ITEMS !’, then 'OK’s uninstallation of the ‘Settings’ app, the uninstall is reported as unsuccessful.
Which (I being the user) expect this as being a normal response since ‘Settings’ is a feature of the (this) Android phone that shouldn’t be tampered with.
I suspect this is a ‘false positive’ that’s being reported, but don’t know how to proceed to get this issue resolved.
Can any forum member(s) provide instruction on what I need to do in order to have my Samsung S4 fully protected using Comodo’s ‘Comodo Cybersecurity’ mobile phone protection app?

Hi BooII

Is it possible to share your Android version with us? Do you use custom rom or original rom?

After you provide these details, we will check and let you know.



Thanks for your prompt reply.

Here are my Samsung Galaxy S4 particulars.

Phone model number: GT-I9505G
Android version: 5.1
Android security patch level: June 1, 2016
Baseband version: I9505GUEUDPF1
Kernel version: 3.4.0-2921977
android@gpe #1
Mon May 30 20:19:00 KST 2016
Build number: LMY47O.S008.160601

Hopefully this gives you what you requested.


Hi BooII

We will investigate this situation. We faced pre-installed malware apps before on Samsung phones but those apps were not Settings app.

Modifying Settings app with adwares is a general method that Chinese smartphone manufacturers do. But your situation is a bit different.

Thank you for your cooperation.


The phone’s resident ‘Settings’ app is reported by ‘CMS v4.1’ as an ‘at risk’ app.

Comodo Mobile Security Antivirus
Version: 4.1.0003DB ver103

Threat Details

I was going to list threat details I had seen randomly reported, but when I reran the Comodo Cybersecurity scan again to try and get the threat details reported so I could list them to aid in troubleshooting the suspect ‘false positive’, suddenly ‘CMS v4.1’ was reporting the scan as passing.

All 140 apps scanned on my mobile phone by ‘CMS v4.1’ are NOW reported as passing, whereas before ‘Settings’ was the only app (of the 140) reported as failing.

So it seems (as if magically) the problem has been resolved.

Possibly the Comodo Forum acted expeditiously and reported this issue to the ‘powers at be’ so the problem was quickly resolved.

Or maybe it was fixed by an unannounced software update.

Anyway (for the time being) ‘CMS v4.1’ is finding my phone’s apps as virus free.

If the problem returns I’ll report back in this thread.