COMODO crashes Virtualbox

This bug is a bit subtle as it is not web-related.

My machine has an Athlon 64 and windows xp sp3 and I use virtualbox to create a windows 98 se virtual machine. But if VT-x/AMD-V virtualization options are enable the virtual machine hangs at boot time. Here is a link in the virtualbox forum speaking about the same problem. Please resolve this issue as many people are simply uninstalling COMODO to deal with the bug.

Just a curiosity question, please.

CIS doesn’t support Win98 (XP and Vista only). Any chance this is why it crashes?

CIS was not installed in Win98, it is installed in Windows XP which in turn has virtualbox 2.2.0 installed and it seems that when installing any windows guest (mine is win98, but as you can see from the link to the virtualbox forums, it seems to happen also with winxp) and enabling the cpu virtualization option (aka vt-x/amd-v) makes the virtual machine freeze on startup due to CIS.

Just to make it crystal clear, CIS was not installed in windows 98, as a matter of fact my virtual machine has no netowrk interfaces enabled, the host machine (which runs win xp) has network interfaces and CIS installed.

I don’t use any virtual setup, so I am simply asking for personal information. Thank you for the reply.

I have no experience in this field either. But does it help to put D+ in Clean PC mode for a couple of sessions help? CIS when then make the rules automatically. Then put it back to Custom Policy or Paranoid mode.

Do the D+ logs show blocking during boot when it hangs?

I have exactly the same problem here.
Disabling AMD-V virtualization makes the trick and Windows XP starts normally.
Can you investgate please?

This happend with CIS 3.9 RC2 also.

Pykko could you post your findings in the Comodo Internet Security 3.9.75615.498 RC2 Bug Reports?

Please read the topic start on how to post the bug so the devs will have the required information.