Comodo Crashes Upon 1st Reboot. Cannot uninstall. Cannot uninstall in safe mode

hi i get a comodo.hlp file error followed by a blue screen every time i try to load my computer now… first thing i tried to do was go to safe mode and uninstall the software there but it does not allow you to uninstall in safe mode?

i had comodo in the past (several installs worth) and i never encountered this error before… maybe it is because i had residual traces of older comodos somewhere that is causing the blue screen??

anyways… how can i manually uninstall it? or is my hd just ruined. lol there must be a way somehow… to just halt it or something? i tried using task manager to close all instances of cmd*.*/etc but theres a few that just continue to load. once the computer goes through its whole load up cycle it crashes on the comodo.hlp file or it might be comodosys.hlp or something.

how can i manually uninstall? or at least halt it from loading so i can get into my os and uninstlal it normally… or something. blah

please help!!!

You can try this uninstaller tool.

Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products

Good morning, or use “safe MSI” to throw Windows install in safe mode. Excuse me i’am french.