Comodo crashes: "Error connecting to network computer"


I’ve just started using Comodo Backup. I created, scheduled and saved a backup job, then ran the job successfully. I went back to edit the job because I want to change which directories are being backed up. So I click “Profile”, choose to edit the job I saved, and when I try to expand the listing for “Appdata” it crashes. I’ve rebooted. I’ve restarted the program many times. The error persists.

The backup destination is a network share that is mapped to my “Y:” drive. I can definitely access it for full read and write.

I’ve grabbed the dump file for CBU.exe. I’ve run the dbginfo.bat file. But I can’t access It won’t let me get past the login screen - even clicking “Sign Up” just takes me back to that screen.

Please help.

Thank you,