COMODO Crashes a lot of time.


I’ve installed COMODO Firewall with Kaspersky Free AV, and Winscribe VPN.
COMODO after install, crashed and restarted maybe 4 times and shows to this time a pop-up window with information about crash.
I’ve read a dialog and i decided that i must upload comodo dump file to report a bug, so there is, i uploaded a log with Comodo crash.
I think that this log will be useful, and you will fix the problem with crashes.
Thanks a lot for creating the best software.

Link for COMODO dump file:!bgEiWYDY!Xc4M1zJO-bs-jOnp9rZi4F-fxNpvZ1QVxbFzRM8lOW4

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This is incompatibility use only comodo internet security (is safe and complete);
NOTE: if you continue using both programs, you will experience problems like unexpected reboots, blue screen or system crash …

Now I’ve uninstalled all software and installed clean COMODO Internet Security. And program crashing again. This solution isn’t work. I’ve uploaded a new log:

kasperky is terrible to remove normally, it always leaves instances of dlls on computers preventing the proper functioning of the computer (this since 2006, when I had the first and most terrible experience with antivirus);
try running uninstaller official kaspersky: Removal tool for Kaspersky applications (kavremover)

in the most await pronouncement from the developer team comodo

Matrix wants to report a bug. He is not looking for advice

NOTE: if you continue using both programs, you will experience problems like unexpected reboots, blue screen or system crash ...
Bug reporting is about inquiring what is happening. Not to jump to conclusions. There could be compatiblity issues and an inquiry could or could not lead to that conclusion.

Thank you. Could you run the Kaspersky uninstaller tool to be sure all traces of Kaspersky are removed?

Could you check the C:\ProgramData\Comodo\CisDumps folder and see if there are crashes logged?

Hello matrix72001,

Thank you for reporting.Let me know your CIS version please?

Kindly install the CIS after complete clean uninstallation of existing CIS using latest Comodo Uninstaller Tool (Select upon your windows bit) and then Install and check. If it still persists in the sense Please follow the steps mentioned in your PM and provide us the complete memory log dumps for further investigation of this issue.

Note : Unfortunately I can’t able to download the already provided dump it shows file no longer available.So please attach that too while sending logs.

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I didn’t delete older dump of COMODO. Link is here:

First dump [b]MEGA
Second dump [b]MEGA
After uninstall Kaspersky with Kaspersky Tool, COMODO blocked completely my computer, it slowed down, crashed Explorer.exe and blocked anything that i’ve done. I used Safe Mode and uninstall COMODO too. But unfortunately i was forced to format completely my computer, because after uninstall all AV programs Windows startup slowed down. I don’t have logs after uninstall COMODO, but i noticed that COMODO Uninstaller (default uninstaller on control panel) hang up, stopped with error and runned on next boot with problems (crashes). On my second computer too same. Kaspersky AV+ COMODO Firewall works, but slowed work computer and sometimes hangs up.
When i installed COMODO Internet Security on clean, formated system i didn’t noticed any problem with this software, but i really want to use Kaspersky.

Does Kaspersky AV have sandbox? When it has one you will have to choose if you want to use the Comodo or Kaspersky sandbox. Running two security solutions of the same type ( be it two HIPSes, or two sandboxes or two firewalls or two AVs) always has the risk of incompatibility.

We also advice to add the Comodo folders to the exclusions of the other program (Kaspersky) and the other way around to make sure programs won’t be in each other’s ways. Does that make a difference in your situation.

Also when having problems after having used multiple security solutions in the past it is a good practice to use removal tools for those programs to remove possible left overs. Or use Autoruns to spot the autostarts of drivers, services or other executables of previously installed security programs and disable their autostarts. Eset has a support page that links to various clean up tools to remove security programs or leftovers that can be used in the process: .

Hello matrix72001,

We pleased to inform you that new version of CIS has been released.So could you please check with this latest version of CIS v12.2.2.7036.
Have a nice day!

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