Comodo crashed after installing its lattest update [RESOLVED]

I have just installed Comodo FW Pro, this morning.

After reinstalling it, as most SW does in Windows, it asked me to reboot the PC, so I did.

I worked normally, and after a couple of seconds, it discovered there was a new updated version, so it asked me, if I would like to update to the newer version. I said yes, and it began the download/updating process.

After that I rebooted the PC, and after login to the OS, it crashed throwing me this errror:

Now I cann’t reinstall, uninstall, fix it or install the FW over the old one. What I’m supposed to do, in order to fix this mess ?

Hi rax369 welcome to the forums.

I will give you some Alternative options to help resolve your issue.

  1. Try and remove Comodo with Revo Uninstaller. If it fails or SUCCEEDS, please do the next step.

  2. Download the attached zip file below, run the batch file and reboot when it’s finished. Then Download & install Comodo Registry Cleaner then simply run the tool, and remove the invalid entries found. After it’s done cleaning your registry, Go to Start>Search & Search & Delete any comodo files, etc found. Also Check C:\Program Files\Comodo and make sure everything is gone.

  3. Now do a clean install of the update for CFP 3.0x, Comodo Internet Security 3.5 and download & install it, Be sure to make sure you uncheck “COMODO Antivirus” on install if you already have one installed, Or install full CIS if you don’t have an Antivirus on your PC, 2 Antivirus will cause issues!. CIS is the 3.5 update for CFP 3.0x, Goodluck!


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I really appreciate your help friend! Thanks a lot.

I was in doubt what I was going to do, about this point:

… after realizing the new version were coming with an integrated AV. Nice you mentioned that.

I manage to uninstall the program by following this guide which was quite long (if u ask me), since I didn’t know there was an uninstaller created specifically for this FW. After I reached the part “For novice users or people that want to save time”. Anyway, I will run also the uninstaller you provided me.


No worries rax!

I will close this one for now & Mark it as resolved. Let me know how things go through PM. :slight_smile: