COMODO - crash msg? cmdagent.exe + XP-SP2

hi there,

recently i’ve experienced some random crash msg’s for the latest v3 of the COMODO fw. my event manager shows:

Event: Error
Event Source: Service Control Manager
Event Category: None
Event ID: 7034
Date: 12.08.2008
Time: 19:16:32
User: Not applicable
Computer: *****
Service COMODO Firewall Pro Helper service terminated unexpectedly. This is already happening 1 time.

For more information on the Help and Support Center at

actually it’s been more than one time. funny thing is the tray icon is up and running after the so called crash msg and the fw seems to be up and running. so, is only the help service involved or does it affect any other features of my fw-settings after such a crash? and btw. can i fix it somehow as these crash-msgs are getting quite annoying?

p.s. i also have appcompat.txt + manifest.txt w/infos on this prob from the m$-error msg but i’n not sure if those info’s are save to give out to the public in this open board.

thx and best regards

Sometimes its best to fix errors like this by doing a COMPLETE uninstall and reinstall of Comodo. What other security are you running?

avast antivir home edition v4.8

uninstall/reinstall means all my current rules get lost, right? no other way in fixing this?

Its no big deal to lose your rules. I have over 250 programs to relearn and I just reinstalled. You can always export your setting then import them but sometimes that also means importing problems. Go to Miscellaneous\ Manage My Configuration.

ok, but…


Not sure I follow you.

lemme put it this way. a component of this fw-software goes down for no reason, which is obvious the help service (which i do not need anyways) are there any square functions in this part which you know of that could affect the rest of the fw?

you know, crash-msg aren’t exactly security supporting. but i don’t have a look at the inside structure, so i’m affraid:

“geez, not again. am i vulnerable? do i need to restart in order to have a fully functional fw? wtf is wrong with the help service? etc.”

u see?

Relax please for one. Have you tried running the Diagnostic tool under Miscellaneous? cmdagent is the program itself. cfp is only the GUI. If you go into services.msc you will see this. What other security software are you running I may ask?

i am relaxed, but this crashes are a bit strange, aren’t they? it makes me wonder if the fw itself is running safe. concerning other security software, as i said before, i have avast as an antivir service only. nothing more is active on boot up of xp.

Did you perform what I suggested? You mean you have Avast Anti Virus Home Edition 4.8 correct? Or are you also running Avira Antivir?

nope. no use in running several antivir progs, one’s enough. everybody should know about this already :wink:

btw. last time i got that error, i was burning some dvds using nero v6.3.1.25 and i wasn’t even online. dunno if that may help. not sure about those errors before.

Your kinda confusing me. Antivir is an anti virus program made by Avira. I believe you mean that you are not running several anti virus products correct? If the problem still occurs then try doing a COMPLETE uninstall and reinstall. Do not reinstall Comodo till all traces are gone. I use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode.

yup misunderstanding there. antivir is just my general expression for any antivirus-application. see, i’m a lazy…

but let’s get back on topic. so, no other suggestions then un-/reinstall? and i’m the only one with this prob?

Its not that big of a deal. If you want to properly fix things sometimes the best thing to do is uninstall and reinstall. I do it all the time with other software and even Comodo. I use Revo Uninstaller in Advanced mode.

that doesn’t necessarily mean that this particular problem get fixed as i have this commodo fw installed for the first time ever. so un-/reinstall doesn’t change my environment at all, but instead i have a 2nd installment which is like the 1st (as there has been no updates since then at all) and my current settings get lost. i’m afraid this prob won’t get fixed by this measurement.

so, only time will tell if any other user choke about the same problem and probably the coders get into it.

I am trying to help you here. There is an Export and Import feature built into Comodo. Go to Miscellaneous\Manage My Configuration. That way there you will not lose your settings but then again sometimes its better off to start from scratch. Once again its no biggie to lose your settings. I just did a fresh install last month. I have about 250 programs to have Comodo relearn so I am sure you don’t have that many. I suggested to do a COMPLETE uninstall then reinstall. You need to completely removal all traces of Comodo before installing it again. Losing your setting isnt the end of the world if your problem is fixed. Can you explain better what you mean by first install and second install? Are you saying you uninstalled then reinstall Comodo and you still have this problem? But did you do a COMPLETE uninstall like I have suggested before? One of my games wasnt working properly. Command & Conquer 3 as in matter of fact. So I completely uninstalled it losing all my saved games. But reinstalling fixed it. No biggie so I have to start over.

k, will do, but i have no big hopes that this will fix my prob. nonetheless, thx for your advices.

btw. hadn’t any crash for 3 days fingers-crossed

Did you download and install Revo Uninstaller? Use that in Advanced mode and when Comodo says reboot, Dont and click next on Revo and delete the left over registry and program entries it finds then reboot. After rebooting use CCleaner registry cleaner then reboot. Then download and install the latest version of Comodo. Will take 10 minutes from start to finish.