Comodo CPF!

My brother is buying a new computer in a few days.I’m considering using the following combo for him.Comodo CPF ,AVS and the Boclean when it’s finalized here.Should this be installed in a certain order?It’s just that i’m kinda new to comps myself.Thanks.

Hi fishingguy1 and welcome to the forums
This works for me
unpluged from the net
AntiSpy etc.
I installed, what’s it called now, comoboclean :D, not ten minutes ago and running fine so far. Didn’t seem to care where it came in the scheme of things.


To the TC,

Im running that exact setup right -boclean. All works great. But yeah. Make sure you install the firewall first then AVS.

Remember that if he have Vista on his new computer, he will not be able to use CPF…yet. 14th May will the first beta be released (if the schedule holds) of v3.0 that will work on Vista.

This is Winxp home,my feeling was to install the firewall first.I guess to someone who uses this combo would know about it.What better place to ask this question than right to the source.Thanks for the answers.

Yes, I would install the firewall first.

As far as I know, there is not a specific install order preferenced by the softwares. However, experience has taught me that it is better to install the firewall first (as already mentioned). Not only for security, but also to avoid potential conflicts from antivirus/antimalware that are already installed, that may occur during the installation process for the firewall.


The only exception to this is one I spotted in another forum. There was a conflict between kav and comodo. The solution was uninstall both, install kav then comodo, solved the problem apparently.


That’s true, Sullo; a lot of users have reported conflicts, where KAV doesn’t like to work with CFP. The KAV forums seem to think CFP should be installed after, and for some users that works. For others, it does not, and CFP must be installed first, or KAV rejects it completely, causes conflicts, and refuses to communicate with the FW.

Basically, KAV, while a solid AV product, just doesn’t play well with FWs (CFP isn’t the only one it has problems with; there are a number of them).

For a paid AV, NOD32 seems to be given the “nod” by a large number of users for not only scanning/av capabilities, but also for compatibility with other software.


Yes, sorry LM, the term used in the forums was “firewalls” not comodo specifically and as you say does not work for all users.
NOD would be my choice for a paid AV. At the moment I’m using the free antivir which seems good. Scan time is a lot less than my old avg free.