Comodo completely switched off after rebooting from safe mode.

My AVG Anti-Spyware found a Trojan called KillAV on my PC which I deleted immediately. I then rescanned my PC again but found nothing. Just to be sure I did another scan in safe mode again finding no trace of the Trojan. When I rebooted after the safe mode scan all my start programs loaded except Comodo and my internet connection. On Comodo all four monitoring components had been switched off and I was getting a very bad security warning. My Internet Connection was trying to find an address. I tried to switch the Comodo items on manually to no avail and then decided to just reboot my PC again. Everything came up normal that time.

I feel this has just been a glitch in Windows but thought I should post it here to get an expert opinion and see what you guys think?.

Had a similar thing happen to me one time. Rebooted and all was fine again. Same as you, I chalked it up to a system burp.

I’m not the end-point solution/answer for your question by any means… you may want to file a ticket with Support: