Comodo completely freezes my computer - hard reset required

I have a program that helps me with usability and interaction with other design applications
the problem is that in some operations Comodo intercept the program and causes window to entirely freeze
no messages, no warnings, no approval requests

I need to manually white list of the program each update for this not to happen

I believe this is a bug since the normal behavior is for Comodo to ask for approval on what to do, and not completely freeze Windows

I would gladly provide more information to help you fix it, I’m really concerned that one of these days Windows won’t boot after one of the Comodo freezes

Hello Yaron.e,

Thank you for reporting.We will check this issue.
Let me know your Windows and CIS version please?

Kind Regards,

OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362

regarding Comodo , I don’t know where to check

this one?

Hello Yaron.e,

Yeah :-TU.Could you please check your inbox for PM and provide us the requested logs for further investigations.

Kind Regards,

I have sent everything yesterday is there any news?

Do the CIS logs show what processes get intercepted? What is the name of the usability software you are using?

Thinking along another line. You could submit the program in Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2020 When you make the request also request for the vendor to made a trusted vendor. If the vendor is found to be trusted that may workaround the freezing.

Hi EricJH, Tried to submit it as a trusted vendor

But your servers is down (500)

Hello Yaron.e,

Thank you for your response :-TU and providing the log.

Note : As per your log it does not any dump files so it’s not sufficient to investigate this issue further.
So if possible in the sense kindly send us the log with dump files as per PM steps and follow the 2nd procedure to get the dump files or else could you please wait for the upcoming stable release and i think this is the first ever freeze problem on stable 6882 version.Hence kindly check again and send us the dump file for further investigations.For any query please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

I just checked and the page is working now. Could you check again? It may have been a transient problem.

That page is meant for software vendors to submit their company to be trusted. Could you also submit the request to make the vendor trusted in the topic I linked to? Comodo will take your request into account and when will make the vendor trusted when applicable.

Sorry, although I have a license for at least 6 more months I had to drop Comodo
it was constantly freezing my computer, since I have removed it the computer is back to normal.

I’ve been using, Comodo for years always recommended it, but recently you did something to make it super aggressive
even preventing Microsoft updates at times so… It was really way too much

If you would ever feel like giving CIS a try you could install the latest final release which solved several problems : Comodo Forum .