Comodo (company) Rating?

I am not bashing Comodo as a company, but showing what I found lying on the Internet.

Stumbled on this when searching the Internet, from the poor ratings/feedback, I got the impression of Comodo is like Apple to Foxconn.

Made link clickable. Eric

Not saying it is not true, but should I trust anonymous writing on a site
without some kind of verification of such claims?
Can’t these people just express their concerns with their upper management?
I extremely doubt that company/corporation like Comodo would fire people daily
and treat it’s people like that.
Mr. CEO is here, on a public forum, the most kind person I’ve seen, courteous and
soft spoken, never insulting anyone. And I see dev’s speak their mind here and
post with people, trying to solve if problems arise and to answer any questions.

I think I might need some hard evidence to even begin to remotely consider what
people posted on that glassdoor…

Well, you should be more careful about what you read on the Internet.
You must know that not everything you read it’s true, wether it’s positive or negative.
And it’s even worst to share it as a fact.

All I can say about some reviews I read on the link:

  1. All post are the same, expressed with some changes by only a couple of words. None of them are realistic and contradict between themselves. Feels like someone it’s just copying and pasting.
  2. They are not only complaining about the company, but they complain also because they get calls from customers all day long. Honestly, I dont know ANY company around the world that doesn’t have a Technical Support Department. Maybe they want a perfect software (which doesn’t exists) where customers don’t call and so the employees can do nothing all day long. Such type of job doesn’t exists, to be hired to do nothing and rest all day long. If they want such type of job, I would recommend them to quit their current jobs and to keep looking for it. If they find it, I would also recommend them to let me klnow ASAP and start working there too. ;D
  3. They don’t like their current job and they are looking for new ones. Maybe they don’t find new jobs because they are not qualified? So all they can do so far is complain about the current job. Instead of loosing their time, I would recommend them to take a good care of their current job since many others are unemployed. If they don’t like their jobs, it’s only because there is something wrong with themselves. (Of course, I’m not saying that Companies are not responsible how the employees feel. But a Company is also built by the employees, their attitudes and aptitudes. If you don’t have a good attitude or aptitude, there is nothing that the Company can do for you.)

In summary, I believe there are more important things to do in life.
Do your best with what you currently have. If you don’t like it, CREATE a new opportunity for yourself and take it. If you LOOK or SEARCH for opportunities, you might find yourself looking for them your entire life.

Complaining about everything will take you nowhere.

True or not which looks way too fake to me. It don’t stop Comodo making good security products. FACT :slight_smile:

If any of these salesmen are real people and all they are capable of is copying other posts, they obviously deserved to be fired or expect to be soon if they are current employees.

More likely this is an attempt by someone with a grudge to damage the company. Not very convincing is it.

Very true… What is more funny is how Melih gets the balme. “He is arrogant and treats his employees that way” LOL! I follow his blog, twitter, seen all his videos… He can’t fake it all! He seems to be down to earth person and a great CEO. ;D

i fully agree with you. :-TU

i always make my own mind up on not just security products but everything in life really and i can say with all honesty i am thoroughly impressed with CIS in particular.
I always find there are good and bad reviews for all software and i merely regard them as just personal opinions from the reviewer in question. >:-D