COMODO.COM: Proper support links needed!

Hello, :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say that I am really impressed with the new refreshed look of the flagship homepage of Looks very polished and quite organized!
However, there is one part of the sites facelift that I find a little “inconvenient and annoying”. How do you navigate to the Comodo Support Forums from This is something I noticed when looking over the new changes to the homepage site menu map. I don’t see a “Comodo Support Forums” link? Please bear in mind that I’m mostly discussing new or inexperienced users who may not know where to look. I realize it’s incredibly easy enough to Google “Comodo Support Forums” and find it that way, but I think that Comodo should take some initiative to properly display a clear and well worded support link to the Comodo Support Forums. This would help attract new and existing users in where to find good help. Someone who is new to Comodo or wanting to explore the homepage may have a rather poor user experience in trying to search out just where the proper Comodo Support Forum link is. If you try to click on the “SUPPORT” link on the homepage… you are greeted with something that is (in my opinion) a poor user experience. Let’s get a proper working list of links placed on that page for both corporate and home users! No one should have to sift through the sitemap trying to find a simple support forums link or use a 3rd party search engine to find Comodo’s Support Forums. 88)

I believe this is a rather simple request that could be easily remedied by the webmaster.

great feedback. on it…thanks.