Insecure information on this page was blocked.

What’s going on with
Why is the flagship home page displayed as being “Insecure”?
There is either a link or image on that page that is not using https.

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Are you using any extensions/plugins/add-ons that could potentially modify the contents of the website?

NoScript with SeaMonkey. However, Comodo is on the allowed list of trusted sites. :slight_smile:
Nothing enabled for use with Internet Explorer 11 and yet I see this too?

Does anyone experience this with any web browser?
I have noticed this with both SeaMonkey and Internet Explorer 11.

On Internet Explorer I too get “Only secure content displayed”.
I use only 1 addon Adblock Plus.
Disabling ABP too, I get only secure content displayed.

I get it with Google Chrome 41. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about though.

At the moment I can’t test on a PC but with chrome on android I get no warnings of any kind (not even yellow https text, still green for me)

On Chrome Latest Stable, I get an icon in the address bar & it mention “This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources”.

Attached is the scr

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Glad to see I’m not alone here! :o
I was beginning to think perhaps the issue was in fact only on my end.
I do not think this is a good thing to see appear on Comodos flagship home page.
Comodo being a security company… regardless of whether or not it’s harmless should fix the issue quickly.

There is an insecure (http) link to,300,700,900

The other two links to font-CSS are secure:,800,700italic,700,600italic,600,400italic,800italic,700,300

So, why is it that that font link is insecure while the rest are secure?
Will a Comodo webmaster fix it?

Here is one in Internet Explorer 11, wanting to display insecure information which is being BLOCKED.
Is a webmaster going to fix it?
Seems like a relatively simple fix.

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Same issue here:

It’s finally been addressed.
I feel however for such a simple fix… Comodo took far too long.
What matters most is it’s now secure. 8)

Yes, but and also need to be fixed. :wink: