Comodo Cointainment OPEN SOURCE?

Hi guys at comodo.

I would like to know if is there any plans to make the comodo internet security containment technology an opensource project?

I would like to be allowed to make some stuffs with its code… if possible… Do you have any eta/plans to do that?

Comodo’s Containment technology used in CIS is most likely using the same source-code behind Comodo AEP/CCS Containment which is a commercial product.

You are expecting a revenue focused company in sharing the source-code behind a product which costs (last time I checked) 300 USD per year per endpoint… 88)

They will most likely do it in the same day as Bitdefender, Kaspersky, ESET or Symantec will turn their AV engines source-codes into Open Source.

Better sit while waiting in order to not get tired. :slight_smile:

I also believe that the containment component code is pretty much entangled with the code of other CIS components like HIPS which could make it very difficult to make containment code open source.

doesnt hurt to ask, right? and doesnt hurt to wait comodo people to answer too…

zonealarm did, outpost did, looknstop did, and many others share the same source base… as cis is almost dead for free and paid (just look at market share of it), maybe this could be a good thing…

One can always ask, no problem.

If CIS indeed is considered end of life then I would also vote for making CIS open source so that the public community can maintain and improve it, sure that would be good.

i really hope they dont abandon it. but it seems like… if so, then, i hope they release its source code… if not, lets hope they will maintain cis as a free software, even if it takes 5 years to a new release with 0 buxfixes…

Of course a quellcode would give security to user not to be “spied out” but it’s really up to comodo to do this.
Otherwise, you are asking in a/the forum so you will get meanings/answers of users of the forum - is the purpose/point of a forum. Why don’t you ask directly Melih?

how to do that and have an response? :slight_smile: