Comodo cmdagent "Bug"

OS: Windows 7 - x64Bit.

  1. When updating display drivers, the process too the CPU to 98%-100% power, causing the entire system to lag and freeze until the software update was done. Took it approx. 3 hours to complete the files update because of the high CPU usage. Had to cold reboot the computer EVEN when the update was finished due to HIGH CPU usage remaining. :cry:

  2. When scanning for viruses, if I want to clean the windows TEMP folder, once inside, goes back to 100% for quite a while, adding “CAV” files to it until I go out. ???

  3. Windows7FirewallControl is also installed, UNLESS they " don’t like " each other… a big “hmmmmm…”.

What file is causing the high cpu usage? Cfp.exe, cmdagent.exe or other, non Comodo, files?

What happens when you disable Windows 7 Firewall Control?

Cfp.exe & cmdagent.exe - but mostly the cmdagent.exe which goes all the way up to 98%.
i did not try to disable Windows 7 Firewall Control.

Started right after i’ve installed latest TuneUp Utilities 2011.
i did not reboot yet after the installation. but the problem is there for 2-3 days now. even before the actual install. it simply got worse.

Try uninstalling Tune Up Utilities, reboot and see what happens.

Thank you for your rapid response.

I’ve rebooted (first without uninstalling), and, so far, (I will know better by tomorrow, after a second reboot), it looks like it it’s stable right now, HOWEVER, PLEASE also check (it’s a link to Microsoft download center - a description to " Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2264107) ". The short description is: " This update helps protect against DLL preloading vulnerabilities in software applications on the Windows platform. ", but scroll down and under overview, you’ll have the full description. As soon as i applied it, it went back to 100% CPU usage, to the point that ONLY a system restore point fixed it, also means, that I do not posses that update now, since Comodo renders the system unusable and not just unstable.
Please note that i have been doing some checking, whatever i could anyway, and overall, it seems that it’s caused by Comodo and not by other program. (Just for general information).

ONE LAST THING… if you try to go into the windows temp folder, to clean it up, it will start adding “cav” files and fly up to 100% CPU usage. this happened in the previous version too. Once you go into that folder, it will start filling and CPU usage goes sky high.


May be CIS is using the Windows/temp/ folder during scanning. See if the .cav files are there when CIS is not scannig. When they are not it means the temp folder is being used during scannig and it makes no sense to clean it then. This problem is most likely not related to the other problems you are describing.

You are describing two situations that may cause the high cpu usage. One having Tune Up Utilities installed. Uninstall it, reboot and work on your computer and see if the problem returns. When it does not return install the Windows update again. When the CPU goes skyhigh again it is safe to say the update is causing it.

Please consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

Thank You.

I will follow your instructions, although the CAV files are BEING CREATED, as soon as i go into the folder, as if it’s on an automatic mode. if i have no other program running, once i manage to get out of the temp folder, leaving all as is, the CPU goes down to normal after a short while.

I see I misunderstand you regarding the temp folder. Is your AV on stateful or on access? What happens if you switch between those two modes when accessing the temp folder? What happens after you cleaned the windows\temp\ folder with a third party tool and then try accessing it again?

the AV is on : stateful.
No matter if i go there by myself, or through a third party software, AV kicks in again, I guess, and fire up the CPU.
Also checked the permission, just in case.
SYSTEM, Administrators, are with full access of course (the built in Administrator is not on the list since it’s disabled anyway). I changed the Users, to full access too (just in case). TrustedInstaller & CREATOR OWNER, have the default. (I even loaded in safe mode and recreated the temp folder).
Only other software that likes to go high, in conjunction to AV ( ONCE IN A BLUE MOON) is the Microsoft Essential antivirus (but the cmdagent.exe, is for Comodo anyway).
As a last resurt, i’ve also added the entire Comodo folder and its files into the safe files section. If you think i should do the same with the TEMP folder, tell me, although, it can pose a security risk from maleware by logic.
As you can see, i covered all the bases, or at least tried to.

Supplimental to my last post/reply…:

Seems that the problem MIGHT be resolved (unless you have other more trusted solution). I made a “permanent” modification to both the " cmdinstall " and the " cmdagent " processes/services (which will survive system reboots). I’ve also removed and cleaned all the files from inside the AV Quarantine.

The first one, I’ve changed it’s system priority settings to " Below Normal ".
The second, I’ve changed it’s system priority settings to " Low ".

After next reboot, whenever that happens, i’ll just verify/check if it made the desired difference. Right now, after doing so, I went back to Windows TEMP Folder, and no files were created upon entering the folder.

Unless you think that will have a negative affect on AV scanning, or unless you have a better solution, I THINK it may have done the trick.

Thank you for all your help and patient so far.

Kind Regards,