Comodo Cloud storage plans - 50gb or 100gb

I’ve been using the free 5gb Comodo Cloud online storage and it works fast and overall
meets my needs very well.

It would be great if a paid 50gb or 100gb plan option was available also.

Hi alderaptious,
I guess you have already seen the current available plans?
Comodo Cloud storage is available in the following plans

There are 250GB plans available -

Ewen :slight_smile:

oh sorry, i meant: apart from the 250gb plans, it would be nice if some lower
gb limit plan for a lesser price… I don’t plan on using more than 50 gb

Also, that USD 9.99 monthly fee for 250GB would be slightly higher for international users
like me who have to pay currency conversion costs and other transaction costs.

That is OK, I agree various options/plans is a good idea. :-TU
Kind regards.

Reviewing this from a different perspective, other solutions are way more “expensive”, in the way that for the SAME PRICE you get less space. Dropbox its an example.

In case you are still interested alderaptious in this plan for a lesser price, send me a PM and I will gladly help you out.