COMODO Cloud Scanner - Wishlist

A portable Version would be good I think… Especially cause malware might break traditional installs…

How about adding COMODO Leaktest Suite into CCS? Plus any new methods of exploiting a system.


I posted a few comments/wishes in this post.

Driver check integration Windows patches check
We want this tool to be a Diagnostic tool, informing you what needs attention in your PC.
  1. it should also check to see if it has the latest java version

  2. Instead of saying “your computer is at risk” how about “your computer may have potential problems” It’s all in the wording depending on the results

3)check if any .dll files are damaged, and offer a website to go to replace (swap file) download the .dll file like

4)check for missing critical internet connection files and internet connectiong “reset options”
because if someone “uninstalls something” It could have removed (or damaged) a critial file preventing that person from going online (This has happened on 2 occasions, when I was trying to fix other peoples computers) I was thinking a buggy uninstall

When running COMODO Cloud Scanner 1.0.131020.5 are the files submitted to CIMA also going to be analyzed and added to the whitelist? I think that that would be a great addition to the program. In this way the user can find out if the process is likely malware and also the amount of files that he has to look through would eventually decrease.

In this way if there are unknown files in the list they know that something may be wrong.

1 problem with this its a Cloud scanner… it needs internet to do that…

1 problem with this its a Cloud scanner.. it needs internet to do that..
ooops.... my bad :-[

After the file is checked by CIMA shouldn’t the status change from ‘unknown’ to something like ‘not suspicious’. Something to let the user easily tell that it has been checked and it is not found to be malware.

Also, I would like for the program to identify what was suspicious about the file to warrant its classification as ‘Malware’. CIMA has this ability, so why not provide an advanced view in which you can examine this.

If CIMA doesn’t have the ability to analyze DLL’s and similar files maybe it shouldn’t give the option to submit them to be checked by CIMA.

I believe that each file should have an option to be checked by CIMA (if it is possible for that file type) or be submitted to Comodo to be analyzed and added to the white or black lists.

Soon it will have the ability to analyse…
Also, these files when submitted does go to our AV labs, even though cima can’t analyse…so its for a good purpose…


So do you mean that this is the case? If so about how long until files are added to the whitelist?

no fixed time…
it could be almost immediate or take upto 6 months or so…depending on what kind of process it falls into etc…


Could there be a help option that will explain how to use Comodo Cloud Scanner and how it works? I believe that this would be invaluable for the common user.

I would like to see that it not only detects faulty, insecure or old software and drivers. I would like to see the software telling me where to download the newest and saver software and drivers wit a link.


My wish is regarding the “Privacy” section in CCS but could also apply to other sections too. I would like to see CCS group privacy issues by section (i.e Windows, Internet Explorer, Paint, etc) rather than the long list. Within each section, show a privacy level which would show the level of privacy (or configuration) within each application. Red would show applications revealing alot of information and green, very little or none.

See screenshots below. First shows current view and second, my suggested view.


[attachment deleted by admin]

There were some good ideas suggested by salmon here:

-Remove the red writing that reads “Your computer may be at Risk!”

-Only provide the one link on the bottom of the window to LivePC Support

-Have one tab for “Malware & suspicious files” and another for “Unknown” files

I would suggest that these wishes should be incorporated as currently the product does still resemble scareware.