COMODO Cloud Scanner 2.0 FINAL Release !!!

Please visit new website:
Also, check release notes in a HTML way here:

We are happy to announce that COMODO Cloud Scanner 2.0 FINAL Release is available for download!!!

New features:

  • Deeper scan in special folders (Windows and Program Files) for malware, from Malware & Suspicious section.
  • Custom Scan. Just by right clicking on your directories or process files, Windows Shell starts scanning for malware and suspicious files.
  • Newer and faster scan engine for Privacy Issues, Registry Errors and Junk Files from Comodo System Cleaner.
  • Cloud scanning. Using our latest cloud technology to scan your computer with Comodo online services and tools. Cloud Scanner makes a real-time connection to Comodo’s online database and it detects the very latest malware.
  • Hidden processes detection. Our tool detects processes that are hidden and could be dangerous to your system.
  • Fastest scanning engine. We use one of the fastest scanning engine, 30% faster than the previous one.
  • Detect junk files. Over time your disk becomes occupied by temporary internet files, unused icons and duplicate files. They can have a negative impact on the performance of your computer. They can be called junk files and are detected by Cloud Scanner.
  • Malware detection. Using our cloud technology you will be able to detect resident malware on your system.
  • Reveal leftover files & registry. Our latest scan engine has a fast detection of unneeded files and registries that ocupies your disk.
  • Detect privacy issues. Use our tool to detect privacy data files from all the applications on your computer. You can protect yourself by revealing sensitive files, like history, passwords, bookmars, etc.
  • Our experts will solve it. Our experts will solve all the detected problems on your computer without you doing a thing.

Bug Reports:

Please use;msg421378#msg421378 to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

Download Locations:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit:

Size: 17,6 MB (18,493,336 bytes)
MD5: 5e5fc1d7de3a29b9fcb71df110814147
SHA1: 0756e8e1a32bbca1373fdbcd684999f1058ae77a

Congratulations team!!! Great work!!!

Also, bravo to the Team Leader for its first GA release!

Now go get drunk!:)… actually it’s 00:46 in the morning… go sleep!:slight_smile:

Sounds good guy’s!! I’ll have a :■■■■ on this one :wink:

good work guys!


Portable version? :-TU 8)

Congratulations on the release of COMODO Cloud Scanner 2.0. Love the new GUI :-TU.

Edit: Will CCS 2.0 work within a domain environment? (i.e behind company proxy).


Can this software be installed on PC with MSE as the main security system?

Thank you!

CCS works begind a proxy.

Yes it can be used with MSE as main security system. It`s up to you how you configure your system. Cloud Scanner gives diagnostics to you.

I think the user has to realize that CCS is an on-demand cloud scanner, not a real-time cloud scanner.

Superb, Thanks comodo team, Trying it now.

You guys kick a$$ :■■■■

(:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*) (:m*)

will a portable version be available in this edition
(I’d like to jump from computer to computer

love the new look

Would you ever change the files verdict?
I’ve submitted these files for months… :-\

[attachment deleted by admin]

same here…,
here a bug and request to acutally check files :wink:
i am not angry but for example kaspersky checks them(personaly) in about 20 min after submition so…



They’re promising 15 minutes for cloud antivirus checking.
Why will CCS be so slow to verify the files?

Could you provide us more details about this bug:

  1. if CCS was blocking during sending these files to be analisys,
  2. which kind of windows use it?

Windows 7 64 bit
i have a Fritzbox Router
and CIS 5 Beta 2

i did upload them in the last weeks for about 6+ times now but nothing…

when i do a full system check i find about 800+ files and when i upload it slows the pc so much :frowning:



Same here, I have uploaded tons of files yesterday and today the same files remains unknown or undetermined.

I’ve uploaded mine a month ago…