COMODO Cloud Scanner 1.0.134196.8 Public Release !!!

can you add a quarentine or delete option,
I don’t see why we have to download live pc support.

I agree. Melih, I love what you guys are doing but your CSC on REGISTRY CLEANER mode caught and/or exactly ZERO of the REGISTRY ERRORS that your Cloud Scanner found. Now if COMODO’s scanner found it, why can’t COMODO fix it? Seriously, I’m a Comodo believer but explain this one please… :-\

strange… they use the same engine… I asked our guys to take a look and comment.

Thanks for the response Melih. If you ever wonder why we keep coming here…you just answered it. :wink:


Please provide the version of CSC used and the operating system that you tested. It would be useful a screen shot to see the paths of those entries.

Thank you.

XP SP3, CSC 2.2.129172.4

The last CCS scan found 14 registry errors and CSC found 4 of them.

Ha ha ,I like comodo.