Comodo Cloud Scannare idea

well i was thinking about how to improve the cloud submission and how it should have a separate scanner kinda like Norton rep scanner.

But the submitting that i like to be added is that i/you/we can send a file to Comodo that is lager then 10mb that would be kind a nice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But the Cloud idea is that you can scan the computer and if Comodo finds Unknown files it can auto send that file in the background when it still keep scanning and auto add safe files to trusted so it dosent need to be rescans the next time it scans whit this scanner or the normal scanner. this is to stop getting pop up of programs that is already on the computer. for i get annoy of when i install Comodo Internet security and then want to start a program it gets the pop ,Oooo this file is not known to use do you want to send it?, when i can just just make a scan on the computer from the very beginning so i dont have to do this all the time. it is a time saving idea so that i/you/we dont have to start up every program on the computer just to check it is already safe or it gets a pop up and wants me to send it and gets the program in sandbox even if i know it is safe. This is just to get the time consuming part of Comodo Internet security removed.
Ples say your opinion of the idea and what can be improved from what i have already have write.