Comodo Cloud question/help

I just downloaded and installed the latest version of cCloud, to which I uploaded portable versions of IceDragon and Thunderbird, which I have done with Dropbox for a while to be able to access my preferred browser and email client remotely, with my preferred settings. After uplaoding those files, on my local folder, all of the files have an exclamation mark on them. On the website for cCloud, none of the files show up, only the folders and subfolders. The attached screen shots should show the exact same items in the folders, but don’t. How do I correct this?

Also, what is “CosLockSync”, which shows up in my web based folder, but not my local folder?

Also, is there a way to pause syncing to cCloud, or removing the popup notification? I can always restart syncing when I am ready to close the browser/email client to update the files.

[attachment deleted by admin]

All of the files appear to be there now, but I would still like a response regarding the other 2 questions. Thank you.


It’s a temporary file that appears only when a sync process is initiated. This file is automatically deleted when the sync process is completed.

No, we’ll consider this for future releases.


OK. I’ve uninstalled cCloud since posting this, since I couldn’t pause syncing and it got annoying seeing the popups, and it somewhat slowed down my internet connection speed. In future releases, if possible, being able to pause syncing then have it automatically sync as the browser/email client are closed would be phenomenal. At least with the way I’m currently doing it I can pause syncing to keep my connection speed higher.

Thank you for the info.