Comodo Cloud free vs paid


I can see only one difference between free and paid CCloud: the first one is limited to 5GB.

Are there other (hidden) differences, such as:

  • reduced bandwith when uploading and/or downloading
  • number of files/folders that can be managed
  • size of individual file
  • file types
  • advertisement
  • connection duration per day
  • 1 year usage
  • server performance/reliability/redundancy
  • priority
  • other


No hidden stuff.

Comodo follows the policy of open and frank dialog with its users.

If we decided to do any of the above, we would tell our users.


Great. Thanks.

Yes, you will find COMODO as the most honest security company in the world.
Transparency, humility, technology and users care are synonyms for COMODO.

You can check out the different plans available to purchase in Comodo Cloud.

Hope you enjoy COMODO! :slight_smile:

need to come up with more plans.250gb a yr for $ about something for say $40 or $50.and as i said b4 you get 5gb for free and only 10gb when you purchase cis complete?thats hardly a difference and should get more than 10gb when purchasing cis complete.other than that comodo cloud is very nice and easy to use.

Well, in fact, after testing, there IS (at least) 1 limitation: max file size is 2GB.
Is this unexpected limitation also present in the paid version?

pls put this in the wishlist for ccloud so that our dev can solve it.

Resume upload feature is not there through website for free version. What about paid version? I guess not.

A Dev had replied that they will look into this but I didn’t asked him if it was available in paid version through website.

I hope you saw this in the ccloud website after login.

“Refer a friend and we will give you extra 200 MB of storage (max 10 GB)!”

I think there’s nothing to solve: 2GB per file is acceptable if it’s documented.
However, I wish to know if this 2GB limit also exists in the paid version.

yes 2gb limit in paid version.atleast in the 10gb cis complete version 2gb is the limit.not sure about 250 gb plan?

I dont think there is a difference in file size limit between free and paid service.
As Melih stated before there are “No hidden stuff”.

The 2GB file size you are talking about its only through the web browser. But if you use the software I believe there is no file size limitation.

The only difference between the free service and the paid service, its the pricing itself and the space assigned to each plan. Other than that, everything else its exactly the same.

Indeed I tried with the web browser interface. :wink:
So the question is now: what are the limitations when using the web brower interface compared to the installed client interface?

  • 2GB per file
  • no resuming after connection is broken: mandatory to re-upload entire file
  • other?