Comodo Cloud Antivirus version 1.8.405758.403 is Released!!!

Hello Friends! :slight_smile:

Here we are very excited and happy to announce that Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.8.405758.403 new version is now released !

Comodo Cloud Antivirus team is currently working hard both on improvements about system architecture of Sandbox and the Valkyrie server side; as well as on the improved usability with a new designed user interface which will be released by the beginning of 2017.

CCAV is now even more Powerful !

The major aim of today’s new release is now CCAV is using CIS Sandbox Engine instead of Portable Sandbox ! With the new version CCAV has the identical Sandboxing mechanism we have on CIS application. We also now have a new option to detect PUA(Potentially Unwanted Applications) !

Please always keep in mind that this product is being shaped with your feedbacks, this is your product! Because You are important for us and we are here to support you for your online protection needs. Please keep providing your feedbacks for us to serve you the best!

Note: Users with previous versions installed will receive an update with this release.

Thank you very much to you all in advance !!

What’s new in 1.8.405758.403?


-New option to detect PUA(Potentially Unwanted Applications)
-Show alert to prompt user to enable file submission when it is disabled


-Using CIS Sandbox Engine instead of Portable Sandbox.
-Valkyrie internal improvements


-GUI Bug in Scanner Window

Download Location

Comodo Cloud Antivirus version 1.8.405758.403

Thank you very much, Comodo! :slight_smile:

Download link is giving previous 1.7 version.

Hi Yash Khan,
Thank you so much for your interest. Please give time to servers in order to synchronise for the latest build.

Kind Regards,

Congrats for the new release.

Thanks for the update :-TU.

Please could someone advise as to whether this file is malicious or not? CCAV has identified from it’s very first release that it is malicious and I have submitted this file on numerous occasions (when switching between CCAV and CIS). CIS has never complained before (so I’m hoping it’s a false positive) but CCAV always identifies as suspect :-. Who is right?

Btw, I have set as trusted, otherwise I cannot play this game.


great work guys.

really nice that ccav now has the same engine as cis on sandbox thing…

ill try it latr…

Is there a summary somewhere that gives a feature list of this versus CIS or CFW? For instance, does this program have anything that CIS does not?

Hi Graham1,

Can you please send us the file via email at falsepositive[at] We will check it and fix the issue.

Thanks and regards,

ok, not what i was especting…

valkyrie keeps disconnecting and no files get sent to the cloud…

already unninstalled… ill wait for cis 10… ccav is useless for me, atleast for now…

ps.: when unninstalling i rebooted the pc. all good right? well, no. now my windows 10 keeps showing some kind of message about some security thing related to comodo and its needs to reboot the pc for it to work, but ive already unninstalled ccav latest… well done comodo. thanks for the damage…

Hi vitim,

Please provide all details about your issue stated as ps. We need to investigate it asap. Could you send me a screenshot of the error please ? It would be highly appreciated if you could fill in a bug report as well.

Meantime, we expect connection problems from time to time, which will be fixed soon; work in progress.

Kind Regards

I cant provide print right now. maybe when I reboot the computer and the message shows again i take a print and send here.

The connection problems are work in progress for too long, dont you agree?

Anyway, Im better out of comodo products right now as v8 is still bringng me some problems with w10pro. Ill wait for cis 10 final to see what happens…

CCAV is indeed my favorite choise but not for now. Maybe in a couple of more releases we end up with a functional product.

One question i still have is: where is the internet security thing installed previously with ccav? I want to remove it completely if its wtill in my system.

Congrats with the release.

Are all files that are run sandboxed running in one big sandbox like with CIS?

i dont understand the logic… sandbox was the best part of ccav and you have changed it? :-\

of course not…
we just made it even stronger!

Thanks for the release,

Is this it? Here

I won’t install it till you make “Valkyrie” stable, sorry :slight_smile:

Whats the point of domains.dat file on comodo installation folder?. Thanks.

Hi Ionel

Thanks for the quick response :-TU. I have emailed the file as requested.


Hi Melih

Do you see CCAV replacing CIS at some point? To me, both are excellent products (difficult to choose between the two). Do you see both these products merging into one?