Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.9.410568.452 Released

Hi All,
We are happy to announce release of CCAV v1.9.410568.452.

Setup URL:
SHA-1: 71bba102439aff04ff3d058ceb5099b6fb3d8216

Thank you all, who participated in beta version of CCAV announced below:

As part of Beta version feedback, following issues are fixed in this production release:
B1 - Changed “Luck you” icon, scan icon is changed as well.
B2 - At times scan progress could cross 100%
B3 - Right click Valkyrie submission ended up in error
B4 - High CPU when scanning “decompression bombs” archives
B5 - Removed “swiping animations” from Settings window

Not fixed and will be fixed in next release:

  • If you change Sandbox settings to “Ask for untrusted applications” and a malware quarantined, you could still see Sandbox alert.

And carrying from beta announcement, following are changes since last release:


  • Now there is a sea difference in scanning speed. You should be able to complete scan within reasonable time. We have made changes in protocol used by client and there are server side enhancements as well. We are still upgrading server but you can experience much much better performance now.



  • Files with install/setup keyword in path could be uploaded to Comodo even though they were safe.

  • Some of temporary files were left out during installation under “Roaming” folder won’t be are any longer.

Other changes:

  • Quick scan is now default scan after immediate installation. Quick scan scans all files that could be launched on system startup and thus helps detect any active malware and at the same time helps build the cache, so next time when applications are started, results are in cache.

  • When CCAV is updated, scan won’t auto start upon update like has been the case. We already have 30 day scheduled scan and auto scan upon update has been unnecessary.

  • “Sandbox” logs label is changed to “Executed Applications”: When you access logs via “View Logs” section, earlier we had Sandbox section but within that we also had trusted installer entries differentiated by Type column, this was misleading as there were safe application entries as trusted installer mis intepreted if they ran in Sandbox. is being updated and will soon have this new version available while updates to existing users will start next week.

We have started working on next release of CCAV, where we are focusing on performance improvements solely and will come back with round of Beta testing for that version. So stay tuned.

As always, please keep your feedback coming and we are committed to make CCAV future of client side security with it’s light weight, direct valkyrie integration and default deny architecture.


great work guys
CCAV is fast becoming the smallest package, biggest security!!!


Installed and working ok, thanks. :-TU


Your active involvement have made a big difference with CCAV improvements, etc…

I like the next release regards performance improvements have started & beta will be there…

Good to see timely releases…

I will test this release & provide feedback…

Thank You for your time, info & involvement here…


Removed…double posted accidently…

Thanks, I will do a clean install :-TU

Win 10 64 Pro
CCAV Fresh Install

Ok, tested this version And seems like previous beta version & new probs…

  1. Theme is not working i.e change any theme & after GUI restart, still dark theme
  2. High disk usage i.e all the time between 30-60% And at times 99-100%
  3. Long boot time
  4. Slow programs, system response, etc
    Some programs take quite long, for ex - VidCoder portable from (program first run)
    Some programs takes quite long And you see “program not responding” on the program window for few secs, for ex - Avidemux portable from (program first run)
  5. Some programs, if installed in sandbox & you cancel installation midway, you cannot close the window And have to go into the GUI to flush sandbox, for ex - AppFalcon from, TeraCopy3 from

New probs -
Programs installed in sandbox, if create desktop shortcut during install is selected, shortcut appears on desktop as “Virtual-ProgramName”. Even after sandbox flush, shortcut remains on desktop. If you click shortcut, program opens in sandbox.
If you try to install same program in sandbox again, you get program has been already installed, do you want to replace? or the folder already exist, do you want to install in the same folder? for ex - DriverTalent from, TeraCopy3 or any program.


1. Theme is not working i.e change any theme & after GUI restart, still dark theme
I see it working for me, tried on both win 7 and 10 x64. I changed theme and then from system tray icon, right click and Exit application and started again from "All Programs-->Comodo-->Comodo Cloud Antivirus" shortcut.".

May you share steps you took?

Regarding rest of problems, we will get to it in next releases.


May you share your steps?

I didn’t know you need to exit CCAV from tray icon, I think CFW dont need to exit from tray icon & was under the impression the same for CCAV.

Exiting from tray icon, theme works fine.

Attached is the screenshot -
Microsoft PID Checker entry twice And second i.e last entry with weird time i.e first entry is with correct time

And I think “Status” under “Detected Threats” could confuse the users i.e if Valkyrie detects a file as “Malicious”, status is malicious But user runs the program & select “dont isolate again”, status changes to trusted.

May be we can use value for those cases as: Trusted-by-User

That should make it explicit.

I think both should be there i.e Valkyrie verdict & User action

Full Scan finished.!

I compared the scan times with beta and the stable. Stable seems better :-TU

CCAV 1.9 Beta : 3 hours 35mins
CCAV 1.9 Stable: 2 hours 27mins

It can be better and it is now better than beta and of course it is far better than CCAV 1.8 :-TU

Thanks umesh and team, keep up the good works! and please do not forget the wishes :wink:

tried here, on a fresh win 7 pro sp1 x64 setup and im horried…

  • slowdown opening “any” software;

  • valkyrie not responding “again”;

  • full scan stoped as valkyrie can not be reached.

Im out of this beta testing thing. sorry comodo. call me when this product is ready for “simples” things as “use” my computer.

unninstalled, installed cis 10, cruelsister settings and all good on this setup.

ccav is becoming an horror actress… :frowning:

Hi Vitim,
Thanks for feedback.

Regarding slowdown experience you observed, when we get to next release, during beta trials, we are going to work one is to one in case any slow down observed to resolve problems. So we will get there.

Regarding cloud, there can be moments when cloud experience may not have been good.
As you can see users have noticed improvements and we are yet not there with 100% success rate for cloud 24/7, but we are getting there.

Thank you for your interest and feedback.

I understand that.

Im just too tired of the trial and erros with ccav from the first release till now… :frowning: its sad… but I will be back to try ccav when released v 2 or 3.xx.xx.x…
(Valkyrie result is “Unknown” but there is a detection in CCAV 1.9)
How is this possible?

Removed checkbox to optimize the manual scan. And full scan takes a long time, 2 hours 35 minutes, the horror - 44%

Hi megaherz33,
De-selecting that check box(“Antivirus–>Antivirus Settings–>When performing manual…”) would mean each and every file looked up on cloud including .txt files!

Scan time is proportional to number of files.