Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.19.454622.758 - BETA

Hi All,
We are pleased to share BETA v1.19.454622.758 of Comodo Cloud Antivirus for your review and feedback:

BETA - Warning:
Following setup is a BETA setup and it is not recommended to test on production machine and it is intended only for beta testers.
So please try at your own risk.
Size: 9.99 MB (10,479,416 bytes)
MD-5: e22e87dee151f12783950103b826cdfd
SHA-1: a0d19cfb2b2dccaa01cc037f347c4ef3a72b3313

If you don’t want to do fresh installation, alternately you can also have following entries in hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) file:

and use manual updater option and update to this version.

Here is the change list:

  1. Option to enable Virus Scope outside Sandbox:

    • Like CIS, now you have a new option “Monitor only the applications running in the Sandbox” under “Sandbox → Sandbox Settings” as shown in enclosed snap VirusScopeOutsideSandbox.png
  2. Additional Trusted Vendor List options as discussed in wishlist item here

    • Now you have following additional options under “File Rating Settings”:
      Do cloud lookup for trusted vendors (selected by default)
      Do cloud lookup for malicious vendors (selected by default)
      Do not update local list upon program updates (de-selected by default)
    • And you have additional options to import and export Trusted Vendor entries under “File Rating → Trusted Vendors” section.

    Above advanced options allow you to fully control trusted vendor list. You can export, import and then control update and online look up of vendor list.

Improvised “Right click folder analysis” implementation:
- You will see break up of file verdicts
- Applications files, which are absent in Comodo back-end and need to be uploaded will appear under “File Rating → Submitted Applications” section rather waiting on right click analysis dialog to finish submitting all absent files.

Improvised “Submitted Applications” interface:
- You have two additional options: Lookup and Purge. You can select one or more entries and use “Look up” button to see latest Comodo rating of submitted files, while “Purge” will remove entries no longer present in system.

When you click on “Being Analyzed” link present under Valkyrie section, you see files under analysis on Valkyrie, now you have “Recheck file status” button and you can check latest status of files.

When Valkyrie detection is reported, you will have additional options to report false-positive as shown in enclosed detection example FP_Options_On_Detection.png


Please give it a try and share your valuable feedback.



After the update, Security Centre gave constant warning that Antivirus needed to be updated when it already was. Had to run a change / Repair to get rid of that and now running normally

Looks good :-TU

Edit: Feedback 0

It would be nice if you could select multiple folders and do a right click Analyze.

Feedback 1

I did a Lookup check and it found 2 Files is trusted, it would be nice if CCAV could show these files in the end of the Lookup proces.

(i know you can check the status after, but if you have many trusted then you might not know wich file was “updated”)

Feedback 2

False Alert shoud be changed to False Positive to make it consistant with the other places in CCAV.

Sandboxed files will be uploaded to Valkyrie.
Files that trigger a sandbox alert wont be uploaded to Valkyrie.

Feedback 3

File Rating / Submitted Applications
Show files, the last selected option should be saved when you click on apply.
e.g when you select “All Types” etc it should remain selected when you reopen the interface.

also, i think you should be avaible to submit files in the ui if you have auto-submit off.

Feedback 4

Personaly i think that COMODO should “remove” the valkyrie from the main window

and that the main window should show submitted, unknown, trusted etc statistics from the File Rating / Trusted Applications + Submitted applications where Valkyrie uploaded files will be included
so you only have 1 way to submit files and look att the results and CCAV (COMODO) will handle it automatically which files will be submitted to Valkyrie and show it.

Edit: unless you go to the submitted files window and select which specifically files you want to upload to Valkyrie.

Feedback 5

All the files have been analyzed by Valkyire
should be moved to its own row.
so its easier to read.

The exact same thing happened to me yesterday as well.

Thanks for feedback, we will be checking it further.

Will Comodo Online Security be included in CCAV?

Yes, it will be.

What is the time frame?

Hi Ploget, does it happen in build 723?

No it didn’t

what is your OS version? does it happen when you do a fresh install of v758?

Win10 1803 (17134.137)

After I did change / repair and everything then ran as normal, I didn’t try an uninstall and clean install. I’ll try if you wish?

Clean install of CCAV 758 Beta and i have no problem with Security Centre.

i will try to install the normal build and upgrade to beta and see what happends.

Edit: Clean install of CCV v1.18.450386.723 and upgraded to the Beta with the host file edit, and no problem according to security center so far.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.19.454622.758 - BETA
Windows 10 Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.137)

Uninstalled 758 - reboot and clean install. No problems and everything running smoothly w/o errors or security warnings

Win10 1803 (17134.137)

This year.

Hi Ploget,
How did you update CCAV, from “Check udpates” button or waiting for auto update?
Did you see the problem during update, after update before reboot or after reboot?

It was by ‘Check Updates’ and appeared after reboot. Clean install later didn’t have a problem. To be honest, with all the testing on the system at the time, I tend to think the Security Centre got messed up
There’s been no problem since

Please give the Widget a “sticky” option so it doesn’t change monitors each reboot.


You want last widget position to be remembered?