Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.18.450386.723 - RC2

Hi All,
Thank you for all the feedback in previous RC v721.

Here is the RC-2 and hopefully final release candidate:
Size: 9.91 MB (10,393,048 bytes)
MD-5: eb54a576cc2de4e417d7e52636aefb80
SHA-1: 6051fefa929ff0e766bf5f346b0cc28917dd68c9

You can install afresh or if you already have CCAV installed, you can have following hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) entries and update from previous production / BETA / RC versions as well by using manual update option:

Here is the change list:


  • Some translations were missed as reported here.
  • We encountered one crash during internal QA and considered that blocker. It’s fixed as well.

Please give it a try and report any stability or performance issue you see with this build.

Unless we hear a blocker, we shall release this version for new users on Thursday, 24th May, 2018.

Please give it a try and share your valuable feedback.


Updated from RC1 . . . . no problems and running well

Hi umesh,

As we promised,

We prevented the new stable release >:-D

Thanks for the translation problem that I reported, it is fixed in this release (v723)

Thank you,

I have another suggestion. The users of Instagram and YouTube are increasing day by day.
Comodo has official YouTube and Instagram pages. You guys may want to put those pages links into desktop widget. There is enough space for this.

Comodo on YouTube: Comodo Enterprise - YouTube

Comodo on Instagram:

Comodo marketers may upload new videos there to be active. They can connect their Facebook account to Instagram, so they post anything on Facebook will be published in Instagram simultaneously. You can use Instagram ads in the feed to make people use Comodo Mobile Security. If you have this social media bar in the widget you should add these pages. Just my 2 cents.


Runs smooth on my machine.

(Only thing is that submitted files from the right click analyze wont show up inside Submitted files menu)

Hi Umesh, I found this password bug on CCAV lastest beta:

It also work on v1.17.

I can confirm this bug, I re-produced on my machine with this release v723

Nice find :-TU

Hi WhiteMouse,

Welcome to Comodo Forum.

Thanks for pointing it out. We are investigating it.

Kind Regards,

If files were absent in comodo back-end and were uploaded, they will appear and if they were already having unknown status in comodo back-end, they won’t.

Thanks for suggestions.

Thanks, considering it is not a regression, we will address in next month release.

Can we have an option in right click menu to submit single .dll file to Valkyrie?

There is already an option to submit single .exe file to Valkyrie in right click menu of CCAV. I want same thing for .dll files.


  • When I select multiple .exe files (I can submit to Valkyrie by right click menu)

  • When I select single .exe file (I can submit to Valkyrie by right click menu)

  • When I select multiple .dll files (I cannot submit to Valkyrie by right click menu)

  • When I select single .dll file (I cannot submit to Valkyrie by right click menu)

  • When I select both .dll and .exe files files (I cannot submit to Valkyrie by right click menu)

I want to submit both file types in all senarios.
.bat & .vbs files can be included as well.

We will expand in next release.

Hi All,
Please have a look at newly released tool, Comodo Hijack Cleaner:

Any feedback is highly appreciated.


Hi All,
This same RC version is released now:

Thank you for all the feedback, we will continue to improve it further in next release.