Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.17.444253.674 - Beta-2

Hi All,
Thank you for feedback on previous BETA v672.

Here is updated BETA v1.17.444253.674 of Comodo Cloud Antivirus:

BETA - Warning:
Following setup is a BETA setup and it is not recommended to test on production machine and it is intended only for beta testers.
So please try at your own risk.
Size: 9.70 MB (10,179,584 bytes)
MD-5: 93faab5bd5dfd59249ee41fb16468940
SHA-1: f6280ab0926de0b799ac30ac822c0a64e535f20c

If you don’t want to do fresh installation, alternately you can also have following hosts entries:

and use manual updater option and update to this version.

On top of changes mentioned in previous BETA v672, following is only fix:

  • CCAV shows "A critical component is turned off " message and fails to fix it as reported here.

Please update from last production v650 and see if issue is fixed.

Please share any other issue you find with it.

Your feedback is very valuable.


Uninstalled though Control Panel > rebooted > installed 6250 > Scan > reboot as requested

Changed Hosts file > Upgraded to 674 > reboot as requested

No Desktop icon created > flash of CCAV on screen, then Widget shown as before

So far no other issues

Hi Ploget,
When you mentioned “No Desktop icon created”, you are stating positively that desktop shortcut was not re-created as expected as you removed shortcut after installing v650?

Regarding “flash of CCAV screen”, possible to capture screen shot?


The Desktop icon was there as normal after installing 6250 again, but after the upgrade and before the required reboot, it had gone and after the reboot, it did not appear again

The flash would be impossible to catch, but it is definitely CCAV showing momentarily, just before the Widget appears

Ok, thanks.

I think “don’t virtualize…” should be unchecked by default.

“Track files created…”
I think should have an enable/disable option and should be disabled by default as not needed by the majority/average users.

Still waiting for the promised "file size limit"option to submit for analysis. Current 150 megabytes is too much for me and my daily limited plan and the reason I keep the option disabled.

By the way, the current stable is one of the best releases of CCAV. Hope the beta improves CCAV further.

Short video of the ‘Flash CCAV’ appearance taken on cellphone. Don’t blink !! :wink:

PM sent

Thanks i could see in your video.
This is always after every reboot?

Installed a clean version of 650, and upgraded to v674 beta2.
Both “ccavsrv.exe -autorun” “ccavsrv.exe -service” start up like normal.


It would be nice if you could submit more then 20 .exe files to Valkyrie at the same time with CCAV.
I usually go to my game folder/hard drive and submit all the unknown executable, but since they are over 600 files (and i dont know which is unknown) so it will take some time. :slight_smile:

Every time

Ok, thanks.

Feedback 1

Inside the
[X] Do not virtualize access to the specified files/folders
there are no option to add files.

the Add button will allow you to add folders only.
(you have to pick a folder and edit it to add a specific file.)

Protected files/folders have 2 options to add files or folders.
These 2 options should be added inside the:
[X] Do not virtualize access to the specified files/folders
instead of Add.

Feedback 2

the option:
Show Files: [xxxxx] (the last selected option should be saved)
inside the Submitted Applications.

Agreed. Thanks.
We will address in next release.

Following is RC version for your final review and feedback:

Please share your valuable feedback.


I think that:
[X] Don’t detect shellcode injections in these applications
should also be unchecked by default since it is empty.
(unless comodo detect/add known incompatibility applications automatically for any specific machine)

Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.17.444897.682 - RC