Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.14.433704.601 (Hotfix) Released

Hi All,
We have released CCAV v601 hot-fix for all old versions; thank you for checking out related RC version:
Size: 9.37 MB (9,830,512 bytes)
MD5: 32310bf55ea962e5c4f686e327767d43
SHA-1: 6e35b7afe97ba36c315f6ae3849d84f60377d44e

Reason for hot-fix:

Please check it out.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.


Just updated, everything seems to work smoothly :-TU

Sending a file to Valkyrie, issued “Error obtaining a verdict” :frowning:

Strange, in the past I had problems with slow boot time, but never with slow shut down.
Now even the boot time is similar to CIS’, so I don’t know what’s the problem.
Maybe you can try to uninstall CCAV and try to boot-up/shut-down the PC few times to check if it’s faster, then install CCAV again and check again to find out if it’s really CCAV the culprit

Unfortunately, only way for us to troubleshoot this problem is if you can cause BSOD while shutting down as described in link below:

After crash, you can share crash dump, that we can analyze.


We need crash dump when you see the problem.
So you should uninstall CIS, install CCAV and when you see slow down during shut down process, you should cause BSOD and then share crash dump.

This will allow us to see how CCAV may be affecting shut down.


Is there any reason why all posts by ESM have been deleted?

I have done it because I can’t get a dump of my pc at all. So I will use CIS until a new version of CCA arrives. I hope that CIS works as good as CCA.

Hi All,
Please give a try to CCAV 610 Beta:


Without password protection, no probs.
With password protection, when I try to remove files under sandbox rules & trusted apps, I get “password cannot be empty, set password”, & files cannot be removed.

I have disabled unknown file upload in sandbox settings.
I see 4 files under submitted apllications, why?

Will check.

Can’t produce it.
Please execute enclosed 1.exe and share snapshots of “Submitted Applications” and “Sandbox Settings”.

It is not reproducible. I have couple unknown programs & none were submitted. I updated FreeFileSync, its trusted & nothing was autosandboxed but I see FFS related 4 files in submitted applications.

Please check out latest v619: