Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.14.432369.594

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce release of Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.14.432369.594.
Thank you to all who participated in BETA testing.

Here is change list:

Fileless Malware Support:
Like CIS, now CCAV also has support for file less malware. You can find related settings under “Settings–>Advanced Protection–>Miscellaneous” as “Do heuristic command line analysis…”.

Password Protection:
Now you have password protection feature available and can be accessed via “Settings → General Settings → User Interface”.

Enhanced Virus Scope:
In this version, CCAV will be providing base support for additional events allowing VirusScope modules to detect more complex malware.

System-restart reminder upon update:
Many users update CCAV but do not re-start system and thus remains unprotected. We have introduced a reminder alert in case user does not re-start system upon update.

Emergency update:
Like CIS, we have introduced emergency update in this CCAV version. If existing “Settings → General Settings → Updates → Automatically install program updates…” option is selected and if there is serious incompatibility in latest Windows, CCAV will be auto updated to latest version to avoid any bad user experience. You will see alert in post update scenario. This feature will be used only in critical situations.

Setup Details:
Size: 9.37 MB (9,830,000 bytes)
MD5: 8d1060120b4fc20e7b00aff2028694c3
SHA-1: ca0056a71902fe83306459d957c2ec967bec9f12

We will be releasing updates to older versions in next days, in the mean time if you want to update from last production version to this version, you can do so by having following entries in Windows host file(C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts)

and then run Manual Updater from interface.

Please give it a try and share your feedback.



If I have the RC build 591, shall I upgrade to this build or can I wait for the auto update?

Please update via test server.

What if I download the installer of build 594 and I manually run it?
If that can make troubles, better to uninstall the RC and then install this stable version

Either way, but we would prefer you to use v594 so that we can get some feedback before we decide to release updates.

Updated and running well - no problems

Does CCAV disable Windows Defender in W10?

Nice update, thank you :slight_smile:

No it doesn’t disable it. You should end up with the attached (depending on what you’ve installed). The Defender Service is required by several Windows components

Thanks :smiley: :smiley:

You’re very welcome 8)

Upgraded by downloading and running the v594 installer.
Everything is working smoothly, even better that v591 RC

Sending a file to Valkyrie, issued “Error obtaining a verdict” :-TD :embarassed:
At what reaches 40%, waiting and then a verdict

I can send you two files for review

I don’t rely on Valkyrie’s verdict, sometimes I hope they will remove Valkyrie from CCAV, even if I can understand that they wanna some feedback before applying it to CIS

I also do not really rely on it, but I wanted it to be sent to the Valkyrie for analysis.

Updated to new Recognizer release w/o any problems

Hi All,
Updates have been released in production to old users.


CCAV doesn’t seem to like the new Firefox Quantum in the Sandbox. It blocks everything as supposed to, but when FF is added as an exception or connection is allowed by unchecking those options in Sandbox, all the tabs crash as shown. If attempted it more than 3 times, it results in BSOD with Unexpected Kernel Mode Error

Firefox 56 behaved perfectly and FF Quantum works perfectly in CIS Containment

It’s certainly not critical for me . . . . just testing everything

Thank you, we will check.