Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.13.425881.564 Hotfix (RC)

Hi All,
We plan to make a hot-fix release of CCAV next week with following change:


  • Since last couple of CCAV builds we have an exclusion rule in Sandbox settings for Windows Apps as shown in enclosed image. There have been initial versions of CCAV, which didn’t have this rule to begin with and also when updated, didn’t get this rule in it and due to that some of latest CCAV versions also see Windows applications in Sandbox. This update ensures that exclusion rule is in place.

Setup Details:
You can download latest v564 setup using following link:
Size: 9.01 MB (9,457,832 bytes)
MD5: e3a0d01c318c73ec9a1c2bdf30849dbd
SHA-1: 22856f20e299da7a04aae460fc08dd11c23b895c

alternately you can also have following hosts entries:

and use “Manual Update” feature introduced in last release.

Please give a try to ensure that build is stable and there are no obvious issues.

Apart from that number of reported crashes have come down significantly since we introduced crash reporting feature in v505 and with every release, CCAV is more stable than before.


The manual update went smooth and it looks good, will comment if i find any noticeable issues.

Edit: no noticeable issues so far. :-TU