Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.13.424807.562

Hi All,
We are pleased to announce availability of Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.13.424807.562.

Thank you to all users who tested related beta v550 and v560

Following are changes in this release:

1. Manual Updater:
Now we have manual updater. It is available from two places:

  • Main screen has a button: Check for Updates
  • Menu shown from Help icon has additional option: Check for Updates

2. Proxy Settings:
Under “Settings → General Settings → Updates”, now there is a link to “Proxy and Host Settings”. Like CIS, you will be able to configure proxy for all communication now.

3. Exclusion List for Network Traffic for Apps Running in Sandbox:
Under “Settings → Sandbox → Sandbox Settings” section you have a new check box allowing user to define exception list of applications running in Sandbox that can still communicate over TCP if network related options are disabled. So now you should be able to define exclusions e.g. for browsers running in Sandbox. Requested here and also desired since network control over sandbox apps was requested.

4. Feedback:
We have a feedback icon on main screen, earlier it used to launch URL to Comodo forums. Now user will be able to send a feedback to Comodo and will also be able to go to CCAV section of forums.

5. Internet Security Essentials(ISE) Installation optional:
Earlier ISE used to be installed by default in case you had not installed ISE in the past. Going forward, in case ISE is not currently installed in system, you will be offered ISE during installation and can opt-out.

6. Online EULA:
It’s a small change, during installation or update, if you click on EULA, latest EULA will be tried to be downloaded from server.

7. Release Notes link:
In About dialog, now you have Release notes link.

Edge browser support in Sandbox is dropped at the moment. There are technical limitations due to design of Edge. We will continue to explore possibilities further.

Setup Details:

Size: 9.01 MB (9,455,512 bytes)
MD5: fd267ad0aad850424e29f98f8ee4429d
SHA-1: 543f44e2deec2ca9648ec2f6e95ea20ec164ffe3

We will release updates next week to users having older version of CCAV.


Thanks, i do a clean install to test it.

Install 5.60 and upgrade to 5.62 works ok, thanks. :-TU

:-TU :-TU :-TU

When i try to send a file to valkyrie a obtain an error receiving file veredict.

If i look on file send list i see that it seems that al files are sending or in process.

Did you try one file or multiple files?
Is problem for all or for few?

Just unit tested using one and it worked for me.


I have tried some times. I test it more time tomorrow.

Fresh installed :-TU Thanks for the release devs 8)

LOVING the controlling of internet privileges, but is there a way to save photos and stuff we download from the sandboxed browser?


Nope, but you can take a look at my wish i made.

Exclusion list for network traffic for apps running in sandbox is good.

BUT I would like “Unblock Applications” like in CIS too for 2 reasons

  1. Its easy to unblock sandboxed apps or network

  2. Its also good for admin or users who manage family, etc systems, they can check “Unblock Applications” list & unblock sandboxed apps or network

Make a wish for it, and i will vote.

Agreed, a Previously sandboxed apps would be nice to have, similar to Detected Threats in the main interface, where you can check what was previously run inside the sandbox and add rules etc.

Note: with a Purge button ;D

I have also though of this idea but never to but got to the point.


Apps in Sandbox

should be changed to:

Apps running in Sandbox 0
Apps running inside the Sandbox 0

Notification for blocked connection would be good too

Hi All,
FYIP, we have released v562 updates to CCAV users, who had older CCAV version.


Valkyrie analyzes files for a long time. What is the meaning of it then?

A friend called and asked why?

Yes, why the Valkyrie is so slow…

Thats not really good…

Avast Cyber Capture is very very faster…

Comodo has a nice idea with comodo cloud av but the implementation is very bad at the moment.

I have made a wish about the Unblock Applications idea, i called it: Previously sandboxed apps,
you can go there vote, also feel free to comment any feedback good or bad to the wish.

2 features or options are important for me to switch from CIS to CCAV. I like CCAV but miss those 2 features in CCAV, those are there in CIS, & improves usability a lot.

  1. Unblock Applications/Network - BlueTesta created a wish thread, Thanks BlueTesta!

  2. Notification or Alert for network connections - We have options to block network connections for sandboxed programs. I think another option would be good, notify on blocked connections with options notify only & notify with allow option.
    Like -
    Notify on blocked connections
    Notify only (allow option not present on the alert)
    Notify with Allow option (allow option present on the alert)

Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.13.425881.564 (Hotfix)