Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.12.420066.533 RC

Hi All,
We have following release candidate of CCAV, where a BSOD has been fixed, which can not be easily produced however keeping in mind we have yet to release CCAV updates to old users, we would rather like to release this newer version, which is more stable.

We will appreciate if you could please try following release candidates before we decide to release the same for new users:

Size: 8.94 MB (9,381,064 bytes)
MD5: 2e7120fedbff4c4a3f17a6cc44bbbec6
SHA-1: dd8ea6376de1ba9581529952eae02501b0dbe4eb

We would like to thank Sanya IV Litvyak who tested several times and helped us identifying the crash. :-TU

Thank you again for great feedback and support.

Thank you

:-TU :-TU :-TU

Installed; running nicely - thanks

Hi All,
This version v533 now has been released for new CCAV users.

Thank you for feedback.

I tried Comodo Cloud Antivirus with Comodo Firewall but I found it was to sluggish. It took to long for files sent for ratings and was using to much cpu usage doing so. I did like the interface, especially where you can change the background colors. Hopefully somethings from Comodo Cloud Antivirus, like the background color changing can be used in CIS. I switch back to CIS, maybe change back after it improves how the files are sent in and a way to cancel files that were sent to be analyzed.

Hi tazruby2000,
May you share experience on CPU usage without Firewall?

I switch back to CIS, maybe change back after it improves how the files are sent in and a way to cancel files that were sent to be analyzed.
May you please provide some further details as what you mean by cancelling? In CCAV, unknown files, which are absent in Comodo back-end are sent for analysis and can be seen under Submitted Applications section.


When I started playing a couple games, they were isolated. By time I was done, I had 6 files that were submitted. I left the computer on for more than 18 hours and all the files were still in the list. What I mean by canceling them, is have a box or X so you can decide instead of the antivirus taking over. It seems that the program takes over and the user has no say on what is going on. The 6 files I mentioned were submitted, were added to the trusted list. If not a box or X, make it cancel the submitting files if the user trust them. That is why I switched back to CIS, the user is in control and not the program.

I may try it in the future but it won’t be permanent until it is more user friendly with features that the user has a few more options like mentioned above. I would only try it if I could disable CIS without uninstalling. It seems strange you mention firewall since it is CFW, is there some incompatibility.

Hi tazruby2000,
When CCAV sandboxes, it shows an alert allowing user to not to run in isolation next time, so user does have some control.
You can also change this default behavior via Sandbox settings and CCAV can ask you before it even sandboxes.

You can also control submission of files via Sandbox Settings.

What I mean by canceling them, is have a box or X so you can decide instead of the antivirus taking over.
Please elaborate further as what aspect you mean, auto sand boxing or auto file submission?


Well I’ve been running CIS Pro and CCAV together now on a Win10 Pro 64 system for some months now, with the only nod to compatibility made by turning off Auto Containment in CIS. If there’s a major update release or Hotfix, then I do an uninstall just through Control Panel and clean install, plus a couple of Registry Cleaner run throughs

So far, I’ve had no conflicts, errors or slow downs, other than messing up the display of the Network Adapter (which has been fixed with the latest CIS release), and I’ve had to ask for advice on a few settings from the experts here

This with a rather ‘complicated’ system of multiple drives, partitions, mirrored backups and RAM drives with several system folders switched from SSD to Sata

I may just be lucky, but I’ve run everything I can from small freeware apps and custom file managers, to the main Microsoft, Corel, Adobe and design packages w/o a problem; even the odd game or two to fill in some time :wink:

Brilliant software Comodo and a very happy user . . . .

(Next tryout is to upgrade a Win 7 Pro Laptop from CIS 8.4 if I ever feel the need)!

Hi All,
Please check out latest recognizer for CCAV:


Hi All,
v533 updates have been released to all old version of CCAV now.


Made a clean install of windows 10, and updated windows to the newest monthly update.
Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.12 is not compatible with the newest windows update.

Cant reboot the pc and other mayor problem, like cant open taskmanager and uninstall any programs etc.

Had to boot from a Windows 10 USB to navigate to the repair side of the installer to go back to an restore point before CCAV was installed.

after that Windows works fine.

Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.12.420066.533 RC
Windows 10 Version 1703 (OS-version 15063.447)

Edit: Build → update

Can second this, the presence of CCAV stopped the update in question from being installed for me, temporarily uninstalled it and installed the update. After that I tried installing CCAV and it wreaked havoc, luckily I had a snapshot from right before that I restored.

You both mean, CCAV is not compatible with the latest monthly update KB4022716 ?
I have read about this issue with CIS

I mean that, yes.

:‘( :’( :‘( :’( :‘( :’( :‘( :’( :cry:


We are working on a hotfix for CCAV and will release within this week.

I dont understand the point here. I have one machine running windows 10 pro rs2 x64 with cis latest and another with ccav xx.533 RC in win 10 pro rs2 x64 too. On the both machines the latest windows update (cu) went well and no problem so far… How can a product be incompatible with this kind of “big deal” that is an cumulative update for os if not everybody is affected?

maybe something else related?

Please try release candidate v536:



When there is an exception function, for applications in the Sandbox. If you have blocked incoming and outgoing connections for applications in the Sandbox?