Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.11.418040.510 (Hotfix) Released

Hi All,
We have released Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.11.418040.510 (Hotfix)

Following is the only fix that required this hot-fix:

A Sandbox bug that could cause malware to access files outside Sandbox.

OS Scope: Windows XP

Setup Details:
Size: 8.70 MB (9,133,056 bytes)
SHA-1: 364caae09801f4fa80c8e233e50adfcb6375f6bf
MD-5: fb216dc0b09c77956d2514e1a9704764

Thank you very much for all your support and help.


Thanks for the quick fix. Everything seems working fine now.

You know, you could’ve just…

We will support XP as long as we can, XP users are already left in the lurch by Microsoft!

I applaud you for still supporting XP but to be fair, XP hasn’t been supported by Microsoft for 3 years now. Plus, Vista, 7, 8.x and 10 have been released since and Microsoft have to support these as well (exc. Vista recently). Personally, I prefer XP over their latter releases (well, 7 isn’t too bad). May I ask why you (Comodo) need to continue supporting XP?


Because we still have users, not only old but new as well :slight_smile:

Counts getting on downside though, lets see if it diminishes in next months.

That surprises me :o (especially new users). Given Microsoft’s push towards 10 (on 7, not sure about XP), I would have thought most users would have upgraded to a newer operating system by now.

Counts getting on downside though, lets see if it diminishes in next months.

Yes, I would imagine less and less as time passes. Why in the next month? Do you know something or is this due to NSA tools leak? (WannaCry being an example).


I can’t uninstall CCAV. Nothing works. Can’t open task manager or system restore.
Just want it off my computer.
Win 10 64bit.

Edit: Managed to system restore to before it was installed. I had to reset my pc during startup a few times to get it into system restore before windows loaded.

Hi plywood99,
May you please share some details?

What CCAV version you had installed with OS details?



There are complaints about the slow processing of files by Valkyrie, will there be corrections?

Yes, we are working on to speed up clearing backlog of Valkyrie submission.
Still need some more time to get to desired state.

CCAV have all those malware recognizer that released today for CIS?

Here you go:

Please try out and share feedback.


Windows 8 64bit

install Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.11.418040.510 = dead windows ;////

never comodo !!! never !!! ;/ :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Hi liska,
May you please share any crash dump you can find under c:/windows/MEMORY.DMP ?


The CCAV sandbox differs from the CIS by its instability. The game does not open in full screen mode or issues errors related to Directx, outside the sand the games run without problems.

Thanks for feedback, we will check.

Hi All,
Please give a try to CCAV Beta v523:


Windows XP has over 5% used as in the pictures below as of May.

Hi All,
Please see if you could try out latest Internet Security Essentials:;msg860358#msg860358


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