Comodo Cloud Antivirus Hotfix v1.9.412027.469 Released

Hi All,
We have released CCAV v1.9.412027.469 hot-fix update. This version is on top of last production release v452 and solely aimed for fixing following issue:


  • After 30 days periodic full scan, scanner keep coming back scanning system even after full scan is completed.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, we have taken preventive measures in Quality Assurance to avoid such problems in future.

Setup URL:
SHA-1: 2521a0467e19fe1ac70834ea63ec4cdb98b42bd4

We will have another release next week out of current beta testing.



Thank you, umesh

good job.

The problem seems fixed, umesh Thanks :-TU

I switched to the main PC on CCAV. With CIS problems, the BSOD

Hi megaherz33,
Although there is not much of a point to have CCAV installed together with CIS but we still have maintained compatibility during QA.
May you please share crash dump that you can find as:


Installed the latest updates Win10 and CIS10. I’ll see if there’s a BSOD or not

Upgraded, everything OK. :-TU

Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.10.412605.476 Released