Comodo Cloud Antivirus - Beta v1.12.419444.528

Hi All,
Thank you very much for all the feedback in last Beta v523.

Here are the changes:


  1. Crash reported here is fixed.

2. You will find following additional folders added to default list in addition to MyDocuments as have been suggested:

Text changes as suggested here are included.

Known Issues:
4. As reported here, at the moment support for external drives is not there, so sandboxed apps will still be able to see external drive. We will consider adding support in next sprint.

Carrying changes from Beta - v523:

1) Protected Files / Folders:
“Settings–>Sandbox->Protected Data” has now been renamed as “Settings–>Sandbox->Protected Files/Folders”.
It means following:

  • Like before, you can define folder which can’t be modified, now contents inside those folders will be invisible to Sandbox apps. So neither read nor write is allowed.
  • You can define any file path and it won’t be visible to Sandboxed applications
  • As default you will find following entry in there:

%SystemDrive%\users\*\saved games\* 

i.e. no file inside this folder will be visible to Sandboxed application.

The objective is that even if you have a malware in Sandbox, it now even can’t read your data and transfer.
So sandboxed applications are now having access to only files, which are either created by them or they can read other contents as long as they are not defined in this section.

2) Enhanced Clipboard Protection:
Earlier we prevented clipboard access to Sandbox application, where sandbox application could not access clipboard, now sandboxed application clipboard data could also not be copied outside. It takes care of situations where malware applications could transfer malicious contents via clipboard to outside sandbox. Even though you were protected due to default-deny, but now that situation itself is prevented from arising.

3) Recognizer Update Control:
Earlier recognizers could be auto updated. Now user has control. In “General Settings -->Updates” now there is a check box “Update recognizer automatically”, selected by default, it lets you control recognizer update.
Additionally after this release onward, we will just have to flip a configuration setting on server side to convert recognizer from test mode to alert mode and vice-versa without requiring new binary update.

4) Crash Fixes:
In last major release v505, we introduced crash reporting. It has been of great help and allowed us to receive reports beyond forums community. Many crashes have been fixed and this is a much-stable version. Our objective is to ensure that we create a product that works for all and is rock-solid. We will continue to fix issues as received from users.

5) Advanced Protection
Now “Settings–>Browser Settings Protection” has been renamed as “Settings–>Advanced Protection” and it’s settings moved as sub section “Browser Settings Protection”, allowing to add more sub sections in there.

6) Clearing Recently Used Virtual Apps
Earlier if you used ‘Run Virtual’ option, you could have executed apps list always there. Now you can clear up. There is a trash icon in there.

Setup Details:
BETA - Warning:
Following setup is a BETA setup and it is not recommended to test on production machine and it is intended only for beta testers.
So please try at your own risk.

Size: 8.94 MB (9,379,016 bytes)
MD5: 61DF4BF9AFF8497718949BEAF63EE3B6
SHA-1: 4C3C9282B965EFB85F2FFA95F1B5E9352FBA3FE0

We would like to hear on following if you see any usability issues due to following two features introduction in this release:
A - Due to introduction of not allowing Sandboxed applications to access folders added by default.
B - Not allowing sandboxed applications clipboard data to outside Sandbox

It has been a great feedback, highly appreciated. If all looks good, we will release it this week.

Please share your feedback further.

Thank you

:-TU :-TU :-TU

Installed > rebooted, but all that is in Protected Files / Folders is: C:\users*\documents* as shown

Click “Default Configuration”

Got it - thanks :slight_smile:

Installed!!! :-TU


I have the settings to block inbound and outbound connections to applications in the Sandbox.

How do I run a browser in the Sandbox so that it does not block connections?

You can’t define application based exceptions at the moment.

In the future it will be possible?

We are evaluating further, as how much to expand that functionality.

Good :-TU

Thanks :-TU

Hi umesh,

I installed, protected the E: folder, opened Chrome in the sandbox by the widget, I acess virustotal and it worked normally, all folders of E: were invisible. I was testing on the Edge, I opened it by the widget, I entered the virustotal and all the folders and files in the E: were visible, I could access everything. I went to open Internet Explorer by the widget to test and had a BSOD.

When I rebooted, I opened the Chrome, Firefox and Edge by the widget at the same time, I had another BSOD after the browsers opened.

When I rebooted, I went to test Chrome again, I opened by the widget, I accessed the virustotal, when I clicked to choose the file, another BSOD.

Windows 10 (Full Updated), Chrome and Firefox (latest version).

Hi Felipe,
Thanks for re-checking, team will re-check as you described, in the mean time, may you provide any dumps?


Could you tell me how I collect these dumps?

You could check:

Minidump of first BSOD 03/06 and three today…

c:\windows\memory.DMP I don’t find…

Thanks Felipe to resolve this BSOD.

Hi All,
CCAV v531 is released now: