Comodo Cloud Antivirus - Beta v1.12.419257.523

Hi All,
We are happy to announce Beta release of Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.12.419257.523, which has following changes:

1) Protected Files:
“Settings–>Sandbox->Protected Data” has now been renamed as “Settings–>Sandbox->Protected Files”.
It means following:

  • Like before, you can define folder which can’t be modified, now contents inside those folders will be invisible to Sandbox apps. So neither read nor write is allowed.
  • You can define any file path and it won’t be visible to Sandboxed applications
  • As default you will find following entry in there:

i.e. no file inside this folder will be visible to Sandboxed application.

The objective is that even if you have a malware in Sandbox, it now even can’t read your data and transfer.
So sandboxed applications are now having access to only files, which are either created by them or they can read other contents as long as they are not defined in this section.

2) Enhanced Clipboard Protection:
Earlier we prevented clipboard access to Sandbox application, where sandbox application could not access clipboard, now sandboxed application clipboard data could also not be copied outside. It takes care of situations where malware applications could transfer malicious contents via clipboard to outside sandbox. Even though you were protected due to default-deny, but now that situation itself is prevented from arising.

3) Recognizer Update Control:
Earlier recognizers could be auto updated. Now user has control. In “General Settings -->Updates” now there is a check box “Update recognizer automatically”, selected by default, it lets you control recognizer update.
Additionally after this release onward, we will just have to flip a configuration setting on server side to convert recognizer from test mode to alert mode and vice-versa without requiring new binary update.

4) Crash Fixes:
In last major release v505, we introduced crash reporting. It has been of great help and allowed us to receive reports beyond forums community. Many crashes have been fixed and this is a much-stable version. Our objective is to ensure that we create a product that works for all and is rock-solid. We will continue to fix issues as received from users.

5) Advanced Protection
Now “Settings–>Browser Settings Protection” has been renamed as “Settings–>Advanced Protection” and it’s settings moved as sub section “Browser Settings Protection”, allowing to add more sub sections in there.

Setup Details:
BETA - Warning:
Following setup is a BETA setup and it is not recommended to test on production machine and it is intended only for beta testers.
So please try at your own risk.

Size: 8.90 MB (9,339,216 bytes)
MD5: 48D8089FF1312F1810136A2AAA1604FD
SHA-1: 661D7DF75AAE67537B57F3D4D742F046828E9A84

We would like to hear on following if you see any usability issues due to following two features introduction in this release:
A - Due to introduction of not allowing Sandboxed applications to access “Documents” folder by default.
B - Not allowing sandboxed applications clipboard data to outside Sandbox

C - Would you like to recommend more folders to be added to “Protected Files” feature?

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

We would make decision of release based on your feedback, please give it a try, it seems in decent shape.


:-TU :-TU :-TU

how do you get to be first always ? :slight_smile:

Alert comes)))

Added a firewall to it, it would be great.

Big no for firewall :-TD
You already have a control over sandboxed apps (in/out). No need to make another version of CIS. Please, keep it light :slight_smile:

Simplified firewall does not interfere)) With the function to enable and disable.


agreed. that and Comodo Firewall is also supposed to be compatible with CCAV as long as you use only one sandbox, I read somewhere that Comodo made them compatible during QA.

hmm I got this warning saying that Kaspersky Security Scan is incompatible. I don’t see why KSS is incompatible as it is on demand only?
i will uninstall just to make sure though.

We will see if we can improve and identify KSS as different from KAV and ignore.

IMO it’s OK to keep detection like that. For instance: Kaspersky installer also detects Qihoo Cloud Drive as incompatible app even though it wasn’t a security product from that firm.

Windows firewall with TinyWall or WFC is more than enough and doesn’t need kernel drivers.
Just add this and CCAV will be bulletproof

Not showing Edge browser in Run Virtual yet, although the Clear All for recent applications tin in Containment is a nice addition

Installed!!!, it seems that it works ok. :-TU

Hi umesh

I protected folder E:/Downloads , started chrome in sandbox , acess, Download folder appeared, when I try select E:/Download have a bluescreen…

Thanks will check out

for me it seems to be working properly for files on regular disk. if I place a folder in protected data files, all of the files inside the folder become invisible with chrome in sandbox. I bet it’s a problem with external drives.

Ok just tested it:

It definitely has to do with that drive being external. I tried to place a folder on my USB into protected files. Reset the container and ran chrome, all the files in the folder were still visible to virustotal. I tried to place a single file in protected files in my external drive. Reset container and tried again, file is still visible. I then reset container again and placed the whole USB directory in protected files, launched chrome in sandbox and all files and folders in USB is still visible and able to be accessed by virustotal.

So it seems that protected files are working properly for files on the operating system, but not external drives. Personally I did not receive a BSOD however on latest windows 10 stable build.

Feedback 0

C:\Users*\Saved Games*

Feedback 1

Protected files shows up as Protected Data file

Edit: i think it should say: “Protected Files/Folders” in all the text locations.

Feedback 2

the current phrase: “The following Files are protected by sandbox” is unclear and may mislead the user to think they arent “protected by the sandbox” unless they add files/folders here.

Would be nice if COMODO could change it to:
Add Files/Folders here to stop sandboxed programs from reading your sensetive data.
(Makes them invisible for sandboxed applications to read)

Add: Information Orb:
(By default sandboxed programs are not allowed to write or modifiy any data on your harddrive) Add files folders here to stop them from being read by any sandboxed programs.

Pic exampel: Protected files and protect senetive data

Edit: Wishlist added